LEGO Review: Mini Pouch 3-Pack: Murray Hewitt, Admiral Whimpersnout & Mercury “Patches” McGee

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After going to the local LEGO Store to pick up the latest Harry Potter sets, I learned they were having a promotion where if you spent enough (and boy did I), they gave you a free Mini Pouch with enough space to build three LEGO figures from their assorted parts bin. So my girlfriend and I got to work rummaging through parts and pieces before crafting these oddly unique figures!

The assortment of parts and pieces wasn’t terribly impressive with a majority of them being leftover pirate torsos or police parts, but a few more unique pieces were uncovered the longer we dug but what was most odd to me was the fact that there were no weapons to choose from! There were only accessories and construction equipment, which was disappointing.

Murray Hewitt, former band manager and current savior of the human race, was exiled from the City after aiding illegal aliens. Banished to the island from whence he originally came, Murray was on the last ship before the Quarantine began and the infestation took over the City.

Now leading a band of survivors, Murray uses his unique leadership style to keep those close protected until a cure can be found.

Murray is dressed like the greatest leader he knows of – Fred Jones the leader of Mysteries Inc! Wearing a stylish magenta ascot and pink shirt, his gray blazer looks slightly off and buttons on the wrong side. But with hordes constantly threatening everyone’s existence, Murray has little time for fashion. His brown pants hide the stains of wandering through the middle zone in search of survivors.

Murray’s face is sullen with oversized red eyebrows and a bushy mustache. His red hair has grown longer, possibly too long, but the shock of red hair allows him to stand out on the field of battle as a rally point for the others.

For weaponry, Murray carries the Black Shovel. Used to decapitate foes and bury the fallen, the Shovel serves as both a weapon and a tool. To help him spot others, he carries the only known pair of binoculars left.

Admiral Nigel Whimpersnout the VII Esquire has called Earth his adoptive home for centuries. After crash landing in a wigwam, he soon discovered his form has turned semi-corporeal. Far from home and a notorious drunk, he scours the seven seas with his mug in search of the ultimate drink.

An absolute hodgepodge of parts and pieces, Whimpersnout recently acquired a leather jacket originally belonging to a policeman. The multiple zippers and an impressive badge pinned to the chest, he has little idea what any of it means or why the box on his shoulder keeps talking to him.

Wearing a dark gray containment suit underneath, only Whimpersnout’s head reveals his true form of an orange orb that glows. No facial features are discernable and it manages to keep his pirate hat on his head.

With only a pickax for protect him; Whimpersnout scavenged it from the north while harvesting ice for his perfect concoction. His yellow mug stays empty though, yearning to be filled with the perfect cocktail.

Mercury “Patches” McGee has hated her parents for as long as she’s known them. After losing her eye to a horrible Coke and Mentos accident, she finally lived up the cruel nickname her classmates christened her with. But the accident left her changed as she stalks through time and space looking for her next victim.

Like most girls, Patches just wanted to be a princess but after the accident, her brain got rattled. Wearing the top of a princess gown in stunning white and blue, it’s remarkable she’s able to get the bloodstains out. The paint is impeccable on the figure though with cross stitching, a lovely bow on at the bust and a frilly bottom. Her legs are white as well, giving her a clean look.

Patches’ face is an attractive female but wearing an eye patch. The dark red lips and glint in her eye are terrifying and only slightly allude to her nefarious nature. Her blood red hair matches her lips and is drawn into a long ponytail.

For accessories, Patches comes with a golden goblet – what she drinks out of it, I’m not sure I want to know since her other piece is a buzz saw.

Being able to rummage through endless pieces is a lot of fun at the LEGO store and getting three truly weird figures for free is a blast. Normally though, the three pack experience costs $10. I’m not sure it’s worth it given that the selection can be oddly boring with just some heads and a lot of civilian gear. Finding the eye patch female head and the princess torso was a pleasant surprise but digging through the display to uncover them seemed excessive.

Written by jestergoblin

June 3rd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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