Marvel Mega Bloks Micro Action Review: Spider-Man

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While Iron Man looked decent as a Marvel Mega Bloks figure, Spider-Man has suffered a different fate. Maybe it’s the fact that the limber webslinger looks really weird all blocky and bulked up or maybe it’s the fact that Mega Bloks clearly phoned this one in.

Spider-Man is probably the “basic” Mega Bloks figure with all the elements of his costume painted on. But the proportions of Spidey just look weird. The legs are absolutely massive with feet that look like a sausage that’s been hanging a little too long. His arms look a bit too short and his head reminds me more of Spider-Hulk’s head than Spider-Man’s. As a figure, he just feels too big like someone tossed a Spider-Man costume over Superman.

And the paint definitely continues the theme of this quite possibly being Superman in disguise. From the legs down, it looks just like Superman! The boots are bright red with no webbing and the blue tights make me think the man of steel is playing dress up! The rest of the webbing on the figure is decent but looks a lot more like a grid pattern than webs.

The hands don’t have any webbing on them, but that’s acceptable on this kind of figure. His chest has the black spider but the giant red on his back is missing. Weirdest though is the face which really doesn’t look right. The eyes just feel off, they’re kind of Ditko-esque but just end up looking wrong.

Just like Iron Man, Spidey has a hidden variant as well – Armored Spider-Man! Not to be confused with Iron Spider-Man, Armored Spider-Man is one of his better know costumes even though it only appeared in a single issue of the comic. In this figure, all that is blue is now black and the red got turned into silver. But all of the same flaws still remain with the design. Still, it’s a good looking variant for the webhead.

Articulation is the standard for these kinds of figures. Spidey has a ball-jointed neck that is surprisingly limited while his ball-jointed shoulders and hips just feel subpar. Hinged elbows and knees suffer the same as Iron Man and don’t move nearly enough while the cut waist and wrists are fine but rather tight. Even with all that articulation, he doesn’t move like Spider-Man should.

Accessories include a single red brick that really shows how muted the red on Spider-Man’s costume is and two vaguely web-themed parts. Cast in translucent blue plastic, one piece is what I assume to be webbing but looks more like an alien tentacle. The other piece is a shield that looks suspiciously like leather wrapped around a frame and not webbing like it should be. It’s probably a reuse from one of Mega Bloks’ other lines and would be fine with a Viking holding it but it makes no sense for Spidey.

As a figure, there’s no denying it that this is Spider-Man through and through, but the small imperfections really begin adding up the longer I look at the figure. The head shape and eyes feel downright weird while the missing spider emblem and webless boots are just lazy. Toss in the accessories that really don’t make any sense and you’re left with a figure that’s just doesn’t feel quite right. It’s like he’s some amateur gladiator using Spider-Man as a theme to battle and that is kind of weird.

Written by jestergoblin

June 8th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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