Marvel Mega Bloks Micro Action Review: War Machine

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Toy companies have to walk a fine line when it comes to repainting a figure to turn it into a new one. The best repaints are the ones you don’t even notice or the ones that give the sculpt a second life. The worse ones fail to do that, but thankfully this one did well.

It really is remarkable what a different coat of paint can do to a figure – and that makes sense given the success of Minimates and LEGO. So seeing that just a few extra pieces of flair turn Iron Man into War Machine is great trick. It’s hardly a new idea to simply repaint Iron Man gray and silver but it works so well here.

The sculpt is identical and looks good still. The weird proportions and limited articulation actually make sense for such a bulky metal suit, and the additional attachments make War Machine’s arms and neck look better too.

Articulation is the same with ball-jointed shoulders, hips and neck, hinged elbows and knees and cut wrists and waist. It’s all decent but War Machine isn’t known for getting in weird positions, so it works well.

The paint isn’t that fancy either. What was yellow last time is now silver, and Mega Bloks went ahead and painted his belt too. War Machine’s arc reactor is just a white circle hidden deep in his chest. The plastic used has just a hint of glitter in it, so it sparkles ever so slightly when it hits the light.

Instead of fire hands, War Machine comes with a torso modification to bulk up his chest and connects the rail gun and missile launcher into. The overall look is great and really helps War Machine look like a unique figure. War Machine also comes with a gray brick that has the hint of glitter.

For being just a repaint with a new accessory, War Machine works great. The bulky design does wonders making him feel unique and the additional accessories look fantastic. This may be the most impressed I’ve been with a repaint, but then I remember that three figures in this set are the exact same toy.

Written by jestergoblin

June 9th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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