Marvel Mega Bloks Micro Action Review: Black Costume Spider-Man

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Just like how there were actually three different versions of Iron Man in the first wave of the Marvel Mega Bloks Micro Action blind bagged figures, Spider-Man got in on the fun and included a third version of himself too! But at least this variant is a popular one.

As a kid, I was very confused when Spider-Man showed up wearing a red and blue costume in the late 80s. Prior to that, my only exposure to Spider-Man was wearing the black costume and I never knew anything different! I guess my comic reading cousin is partially to blame.

As a figure, Black Costume Spider-Man is a straight repaint of the other Spider-Man. The same slightly off proportions still exist with Spider-Man having massive feet, slightly too short arms and an oddly shaped head. But since he’s cast in black plastic, all of those issues don’t seem quite as bad. Even the bulkier build of this figure reminds me of when Venom was parading around as Spider-Man in Dark Avengers.

Articulation is the same as Spidey with him having a ball-jointed neck that can’t look up while his ball-jointed shoulders and hips only move up and down really. Hinged elbows and knees suffer the same as Iron Man and don’t move nearly enough while the cut waist and wrists are fine but rather tight. Even with all that articulation, he doesn’t move like Spider-Man should but moves far better than a regular LEGO figure.

Black Costume Spider-Man doesn’t have much need for paint since the entire figure is cast in black plastic. His eyes are the same size and shape as classic Spider-Man, but work a lot better. His torso has the white spider emblem stretching across his front which doesn’t wrap around to his back though! He is also missing the white markings on his hands, but at this scale I’m willing to accept that as unnecessary.

I’m pretty sure that this Spider-Man is supposed to have the same accessories as the other version of the webhead, but oddly, mine only came with the shield and the brick. Both pieces are cast in smoky gray plastic that looks the most like webbing so far. I’m thinking he was supposed to come with a web-tentacle-whip thing too but it was missing from the packaging.

It’s remarkable what a simple coat of paint can do to change a figure for the better. Classic Spider-man just looks clunky and weird, but Black Costume Spidey works so much better than expected. The design, while lacking a few elements and even the missing accessory don’t bother me because he just looks good. I certainly didn’t expect War Machine and Black Costume Spider-Man to be my favorites in this wave, but they certainly are.

Written by jestergoblin

June 10th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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