Marvel Mega Bloks Micro Action Review: Venom

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In comics, a hero is often defined by his villains. Batman would be nothing without his gallery of rogues and the Flash’s rogues are almost as important as he is. But when it comes to classic villains, I don’t think anyone tops Spider-Man.

The first wave of the Marvel Mega Bloks Micro Action figures seems to follow a very specific pattern – characters from the movies. How else do you explain getting Iron Man, War Machine, and several different versions of Spider-Man? But heroes aren’t enough and this is the first villain in the line: Venom!

Eddie Brock got the symbiote from Spider-Man accidentally once Parker realized what the suit really was. After some crazy antics involving a church bell, Parker was able to get free and the symbiote joined up with the crazy Brock to form Venom!

As a minifigure, Venom is mostly new parts. Only his legs are identical to Black Costume Spider-Man, which is kind of odd because the proportions on the figure just look weird. The torso is absolutely massive and adds about half a head’s worth of height to the figure.

But the big issue is that the arms are just way too short. All the other figures’ arms look a touch short to begin with but Venom’s are about the same length even though his torso is so much bigger. His hands barely reach his legs, giving him a stubby demeanor. It doesn’t make sense because his arms are new sculpts! But they’re still the same size as Spidey’s arms. Venom’s head is also new with his fanged mouth grinning.

Articulation is mostly the same as the others as well. Venom has ball jointed shoulders, neck and hips, hinged knees and elbows and cut wrists. His new torso doesn’t have a waist though. Like the other figures, the articulation isn’t as good as I would like. The ball joints are very limited in what they can do for movement, like Venom can’t stretch his arms out to the side or even look up!

The paint is minimal but fairly well done. Like black costume Spidey, his torso is painted with the white spider emblem and actually wraps around his back this time! His teeth and mouth are painted well, but his eyes look a little light. They end up being light gray instead of white. Also like Spider-Man, he’s missing the webshooters on his hands but that’s okay.

For accessories, Venom comes with a 2×4 black block that isn’t terribly exciting. His other accessories are two of the “web” whips cast in black. For Venom, these make more sense since the symbiote can form tendrils to attack instinctively. They still look kind of dumb though.

Overall, this is a decent attempt at Venom. The bulkier torso is a nice touch to give him a bigger size but a few minor design elements prevent these figures from being excellent. As Venom stands, he’s a solid representation of the comic villain but a few extra flourishes could have really made him stand out.

Written by jestergoblin

June 13th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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