Marvel Mega Bloks Micro Action Review: Green Goblin

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If there is one figure I will recklessly buy (besides Harley Quinn), it’s got to be the classic – Green Goblin! I’ve always been a fan of the crazy business man, so when Mega Bloks showed off his terrifying, grinning visage on the blind bagged; I knew I had to have him.

In a wave where three-quarters of it are repaints of two different figures, it is refreshing getting a figure that is all new. All of Green Goblin’s costume elements are sculpted in including the folds in his boots and gloves and even the scales on his arms and legs. His face has a giant, tooth-bearing grin with bulging eyes making him delightfully twisted while his pointy ears come up from under his hat. The only costume element that isn’t perfect is his shoes which aren’t the pointy elf boots.

The overall look though works pretty well. The arms and legs feel a touch too short (or maybe his torso is too long) but there is no mistaking this little goblin. Articulation is the norm with ball jointed shoulders and hips, hinged elbows and knees and cut wrists. He doesn’t have any waist articulation and his ball jointed neck, while the best out of any of these figures, still doesn’t have great range.

The accessories are where Green Goblin really excels. Iron Man got some weird flares and Spider-Man came with a tentacle and a shield, but Goblin even blows War Machine away with his complete arsenal. His brown satchel hangs perfectly on his chest. A pumpkin bomb is included that has a base that fits on pegs and a handle in the back so it can be held!

The Goblin Glider looks magnificent in its iconic bat shape. Two pegs on the top allow a figure to stay in place, while a handle on the bottom allows for it to be easily carried. The back exhaust is also a peg too! If that wasn’t enough, Green Goblin comes with a dark gray brick too!

The only issue with the slightly larger Mega Bloks figures is that their stance is three bricks wide instead of LEGO bricks’ two. So a LEGO figure wouldn’t be able to easily ride on the glider.

As a figure, Green Goblin is more than passable. The proportions aren’t quite right but consistent with the rest of the line. His face looks great, but the accessories really make this figure exceptional. The pumpkin bomb, the satchel and Goblin Glider are all excellently executed and really make this figure a great buy. It’s just a shame that he’s the hardest to find in the entire series.

Written by jestergoblin

June 14th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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