TMNT Mega Bloks Review: Ninja Turtles vs. the Foot Clan

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Aside from the latest Marvel and Halo Mega Bloks figures, I only intentionally bought Mega Bloks for myself twice ever. First was the Mega Bloks Galaxy Space Station which I got simple because of how exceptionally cheap it was. But after that, a long time passed before Mega Bloks got the one license I knew I couldn’t resist: Ninja Turtles.

In conjunction with the TMNT 2K3 series, Mega Bloks released several sets with the TMNT theme like the Battleshell, a quarter pipe and some other random sets. But the big lure for me was the Sewer playset which included all four turtles, Shredder and two Foot ninja! Over the years, the sewer playset has been lost to the lords of time but the minifigures remain in my collection as some of the few non-LEGO toys to survive the great purge.

These figures seem to come from a time when Mega Bloks was trying to be as close to LEGO as legally possible because the minifigures are almost identical in design. The four turtles all share the same sculpt from the neck down with specially made legs and arms that have the pads sculpted in. Their torsos are molded with the front shell in place and the back shell glued on.

Little touches really help the figure out like the split in the toes and the thumb being shorter than the fingers. Even the paint works well with the belt painted all the way around the figures. Only the kneepads aren’t painted on the back – but they are on the side! The heads look to be a tiny bit oversized.

Instead of following Playmates lead and giving each turtle their own distinctive color; they copied how the colors were in the TV series. So each turtle is a different shade of green.

Leonardo’s skin is a light green with his face resembling the classic look of one side snarling. His eyes are focused in determination. Leo’s bandana is bright blue and looks good.

Donatello is a similar shade to Leo, only slightly more yellow toned. His face looks happier too with a half-smirk. Oddly, his bandana is a pastel purple that looks a little too light.

Michelangelo is a darker green with a full smile on his face that doesn’t seem to meet his eyes. His orange bandana looks good too.

Finally there’s Raphael who is very similar in color to Mikey with the darkest shade of green. His face is angry with his eyes furrowed in rage. The red bandana contrasts well.

Originally, all four turtles came with their respective weapons but those have been lost over the years as well. Luckily, LEGO can provide most of them a replacement. Leo can grab a katana from the Ninja; Donny can turn any rod into a staff. Raph is reduced to using knives and Mikey has to take a page from the 90s cartoon and make due with a grappling hook.

To face off against the turtles are two Foot ninja. Sadly, these figures show just how far behind Mega Bloks was at the time when it came to making non-stylized figures. The Foot Ninjas from the neck down just look weird, like soulless LEGO forgeries.

Their flat chest and dead arms don’t look quite right, while their legs just seem like tubes running from their torso. The only paint is the black section of their chest with the red Foot emblem.

The heads are uniquely sculpted though to make the illusion of a face being underneath. The golden eyes peer out menacingly and look good, but the juxtaposition of the head and the body makes the figure seem even weirder.

The final figure included was the Shredder. Like the turtles, Mega Bloks took the coloring designs of the promotional art a little too literally and gave us a silver and sky blue Shredhead. Instead of looking like a menacing metal samurai, Shredder looks kind of goofy.

Shredder’s legs are the same as the Foot ninja’s and look kind of weird, especially since the rest of him is unique. Plus a Shredder without his leg blades just seems wrong. The new torso is massive and looks like it could hide his Utrom interior. The arms are sculpted with shoulder pads covered in spikes along with wrist guards.

A little touch I love is that his left hand has the blade sculpted onto it and the mold line gives the illusion of two blades.

Shredder’s helmet is done the same was as War Machine, dark gray with just a hint of sparkle. The face plate looks absurd in powder blue, but the red eyes look great. There’s no denying that this looks like Shredder. The only weird part is this isn’t a helmet; the entire head is molded in this shape.

As almost-LEGO minifigures, these still hold up really well. Sure, Shredder and the Foot ninja would probably work better as LEGO figures but the four turtles have such a unique shape that really can’t be done in the classic LEGO form, so in that case, Mega Bloks really hit it out of the park with these.

Written by jestergoblin

June 16th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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