LEGO Harry Potter Review: The Burrow #4840

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As my Harry Potter village expands, it seemed only right to pick up the Weasleys’ home – the Burrow! A building that takes looking haphazard very seriously, it’s certainly a unique look, toss in some very fun minifigures and even I’m willing to overlook the non-continuity-ness of the set.

The Burrow is under attack! Race into the reeds to save Ginny and battle the Death Eaters before they destroy the Weasley’s home!

In the Half-Blood Prince movie adaptation, a scene where Bellatrix and Greyback attack the Burrow was added to make it seem more dangerous. Basically it was an excuse to add an action scene before the Inferni rose up, but this set only refers to it in passing and it’s easy enough to overlook it.

With six different minifigures included, it’s got a strong assortment. Harry Potter is a must include in all sets featuring his name, and at least this time Harry isn’t in his Hogwarts uniform! Dressed casually in black pants, an off white t-shirt and a blue jacket, Harry looks surprisingly like a Muggle. His two-sided head and messy hair are the same as always and he comes with his brown rod wand.

While the Burrow is the home of the Weasley family, this set doesn’t include Ron. Instead the youngest and only girl, Ginny is included. Also dressed casually in red pants with a gray zip up sweater, she manages to look great too. The paint applications on her pockets look amazing.

Ginny’s head is double sided with one side looking almost indifferent with the faintest hint of a smile in it. Her freckles are light and the color of her lips is perfect. The other side is Ginny looking very pissed off. The glowering eyes make her look ready to cast a bat-boogey hex on the next person she sees. Her hair is a great piece too with it being cast in brunt red (just like her brother’s) and styled with a slight part and a hair pin keeping it out of her eyes. For a wand, Ginny’s is tan.

Arthur Weasley spent years working in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office as a way to continue with his fascinating hobbies – like collecting batteries, plugs and learning how to make a Ford Angola fly. Arthur is wearing his most Muggle-looking outfit with gray trousers, a plaid button down with a sand green jacket on over it. It’s just hideous enough to work.

His hair is identical to Ginny’s in color with a part in it (which doesn’t really make sense since he’s supposed to be balding). His face is smiling broadly with wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, but if you raised seven kids you’d probably have some extra wear and tear too. Arthur’s wand is gray for some reason.

The final Weasley in the set is none other than Mollywobbles herself! The mother of seven red-haired, freckly kids, Molly became a surrogate mother to Harry during his time at Hogwarts. Amazingly, LEGO didn’t give her the standard female dress and actually gave her legs.

Molly’s wearing an adorably quaint outfit with simple browns and orange. The floral pattern on her apron is so cute and the linen shirt looks great. Her face shows some wrinkles like Arthur, but it makes even more sense for her given how often she yells at the twins. Her shoulder length hair is just like the rest of the family’s in shade. Sadly, LEGO missed out on a perfect opportunity to give her a super enraged alternate head. Also odd is that she doesn’t come with a wand!

The real reason I got this set is for the two servants of the Dark Lord – Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback. Bellatrix is a delightfully dark LEGO figure. Easily one of my favorite characters in the series, Helen Bonham Carter portrayal of her is exceptional.

Wearing tattered remains of her robes from her stay in Azkaban, Bellatrix looks delightfully twisted. Her outfit is barely held together. The little touches on her costume are astounding, like the wand holster hanging off her belt or the silver details that clearly show her clothing was once much, much nicer. Around her neck hangs something that looks suspiciously like a metal tooth.

The hair piece is new and quite absurd with how much of it there is. Curly and covering half her face, it looks great. Bellatrix’s main face is sadistic and twisted with dark, sunken eyes and bright red lips. The other side is her feigning concern or fear that honestly doesn’t seem like a very Bellatrix-y face to me at all. For a wand, Bellatrix gets a black one even though her wand is supposed to be made walnut.

The final figure is the wandering werewolf, Fenrir Greyback. The werewolf who bit Remus Lupin as a child, Greyback is feared in the Wizarding world. Not only has he fully embraced his wolf nature, going so far as attacking people even when it isn’t a full moon, but he prefers targeting young wizards to curse with lycanthropy. While he serves Lord Voldemort willing (since it gives him more prey), Greyback isn’t considered a Death Eater since Voldemort considers werewolves beneath wizards – even if they were pure-bloods!

Greyback is wearing a black suit over an unbuttoned gray undershirt exposing his exceptionally hairy chest. His face is covered in hair and his eyes look almost alien being large and dark gray. His mouth shows off some fangs as well. Greyback’s other face isn’t scared but looks serious like he’s tracking someone’s scent or stalking prey.

For hair, Greyback has Draco Malfoy’s just cast in brown with quite the widow’s peak. His wand is also black because I guess LEGO gave all evil wizards black wands.

The first two builds are small and represent the fields surrounding the Burrow. A single catapult is included to fire red bricks, either in defense of the Burrow or to burn it to the ground. Either way, it’s simple and works fairly well but LEGO seems to really love this single build.

The other part is the marshy field with two large bushes concealing another launcher to fire what look suspiciously like Molotov cocktails. The light blue bricks help give the illusion of puddles while a single green frog sits quietly. A second catapult is attached allowing Bellatrix and Greyback to attack from multiple sides.

The third small build is the Weasley’s fireplace. Exceptionally tall, a small fire is built at the bottom. The top is decorated with family photos and a gray owl is perched on top. To make a Floo Powder action feature, a figure can be placed in the bottom and the lever can be turned, showing green flames spurting up and the figure disappears. It’s a decent action feature.

The main build is the Burrow itself. The haphazard home of the Weasley family that was originally little more than a pig pen is supported by questionable carpentry and abundant magic. Known for being lopsided and asymmetrical, LEGO surprisingly made the Burrow look too nice actually in my mind. A few boards are loose and the logs occasionally change color, but the overall look is surprisingly clean.

Little things just make it feel too proper, like the even roof and the general symmetry of the whole design. The exterior is beautiful though with brick red shingles and some fantastic use of brown and tan bricks to give color. Sure, near the top it turns to white but I just want more of that look.

The backside of the Burrow is left open making it easier to play with which is a great decision. The ground floor is the kitchen area with one corner having a delightfully vintage-design kitchen with a stove, sink and stack of plates.

The other side shows off some simple pieces like a side table and a grandfather clock. But in an alarming mix up, LEGO just made it into a normal clock! The Weasley clock is known for having a hand on it for each member of the family and points to where they are – like home, school, work, traveling. This clock is just a regular clock! Disappointing LEGO, disappointing.

The dining area is a simple table with two benches. On the table are some goblets, mugs and a plate with cherries. Two chairs sit off to the side with a copy of the Daily Prophet. Above the kitchen hangs a simple chandelier.

To make reference to the fact that the Burrow used to be a pig pen, an open area is off to the side with a padlock for a single pig.

The second story is the twins’ room with a pair of bunk beds with checkered orange and blue blankets. A chest is included; it is probably Harry’s since he’s visiting with Hedwig perched on top of it.

The final floor is Ron’s room given the Quidditch posters (and the fact that he lives under the ghoul in the attic). The bedspread matches the other beds, probably because Mrs. Weasley made them herself. A small lamp is included near the windows.

As a set, this is pretty good. The lack of Ron hurts it the most though in my eyes, as his inclusion would have really cemented this as an excellent set. With Arthur, Molly and Bellatrix all being unique to this set, any Harry Potter fan will adore this. As for the Burrow, it’s a fun and unique build unlike any other LEGO home I’ve made, it will look absolutely fantastic in my LEGO village.

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with Harry Potter, Oliver Wood, Draco Malfoy, Marcus Flint & Madam Hooch
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Hagrid’s Hut 4738
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The Burrow 4840
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Hogwarts Castle 4842
with Harry, Hermione, McGonagall, Flitwick, Dumbledore, Filch, Snape, Lord Voldemort and two Dementors
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