DC Universe Action League Review: Hal Jordan & Saint Walker

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After what seems like months, I’ve finally been able to track down the latest wave of the DC Universe Action League. In a toy collecting world where a single six inch figure will set you back $20, there’s something nice about getting a pair of figures for cheap.

Saint Walker gives Hal Jordan his blue power ring to defeat Atrocitus!

Hal Jordan didn’t disappear for long and I can’t say I’m surprised with his movie’s release. Right off the bat, this version of Hal is a repaint so everything I said about the sculpt on his wave 1 version is the same. The proportions are cartoony but meld beautifully within the context of the line. The large hands, the tube feet and large chests all feel “super hero-y” in their own way, much like the Super Hero Squad.

Hal’s sporting a slight smirk on his face. Articulation is the same too with cut joints at the base of the neck, waist, and shoulders. It’s enough to get a few different poses but because of the shoulder details, only a few angles look “right” for display.

What really sets Hal apart from his past version is that he’s two-toned! Dressed like how I imagine Two-Face would look if he were a Lantern, Hal is half green and half blue! His green side is crackling with energy (or maybe damage) while his blue side is pristine. His emblem and domino mask are both Green Lantern style, but the overall look is pretty cool. I still would have preferred a Blue Lantern Hal Jordan.

To add some extra value, an accessory is included! A green fist is made of rubber and fits over Hal’s left hand. It’s semi-stylized to look like it is made of flame or energy and looks great. The only weird thing is that it’s on his left hand which is his blue side.

Saint Walker is a character I know relatively nothing about. He’s a light blue alien with lanky proportions and a weirdly shaped head. He also happens to be a Blue Lantern and have a name that must be mistranslated at some point.

Saint Walker is in an interesting pose that gives the impression if he could stand straight up, he would tower above Hal. Amazingly, all of his costume elements are sculpted in as well. His head is oddly alien with a long “ponytail” at the end. His black eyes are small and his mouth is stern. Articulation is the norm with cut joints at the neck, shoulders and waist.

The shade of blue used is stunning. It’s deep but has its own brightness not usually seen on toys. The black elements of his costume are clear and his chest emblem managed to look great even though it’s white paint painted over black paint. Even more remarkable is that his ring is actually painted with the emblem too! But the lines are so fine, it’s barely noticeable.

As a set, it’s amazing how much Mattel and DC are pushing the Green Lantern group. I still adore the simple notion that there are Corps in each color of the rainbow, so expanding the offerings is great. Sure, I wish Hal had been just a Blue Lantern but the notion of him being in two Corps at once did happen in Green Lantern #38. Both figures are fun and any kid or collector will enjoy them, especially with the extra addition of Hal’s green fist.

Written by jestergoblin

June 17th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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