DC Universe Action League Review: Superman & Wonder Woman

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The biggest problem with the Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League line was the simple issue of there not being any female characters. After years of begging and pleading from the fans, Mattel finally threw us a bone with the first female Action League figure!

Wonder Woman and Superman fight evil as founding members of the Justice League of America!

When Superman came out in Wave 1, it was a great way to kick off the line by providing one of the most recognizable heroes ever. The only problem with Superman is that his costume design doesn’t allow for a lot of toy variants, so it’s only wave 3 and Mattel is already doing the straight repack.

Superman is identical to his first release with the about to take off look. One arm outstretched and a foot off the ground, it’s a great look. The only problem is he needs to be on the clear stand to stay standing up. I would have loved a new Superman that took a page from Buzz Lightyear and had his hands on his hips. Articulation is the standard four cut joints at the shoulders, neck and waist.

The paint still looks good, but the coverage isn’t perfect. The red paint over blue plastic causes his books to look kind of off.

The real draw of this pack is Wonder Woman! As the first female in this style, she manages to look pretty good actually. The proportions on her arms and legs seem a little off – especially for Wonder Woman, but the overall look is stylized and fits in with the rest of the line. Amazingly, Mattel didn’t make her smaller than the male figures, so she actually stands a smidge taller than Batman!

All of Wonder Woman’s classic costume details are present in their absurd glory. The corset with the twin golden W’s, the star spangled panties, even the tiara looks great. Off her waist is a golden hoop meant to be her Lasso of Truth. The sculpt on the face though is great, especially around the eyes which gives her a much different look, like she’s actually Greek for once.

Articulation is only at the shoulders and neck, but her hair prevents much neck movement from happening. Her massive amount of hair also means the figure has serious balance issues. Her high heel boots don’t help with it either, but thankfully Superman’s clear stand is compatible with her for support.

Paint is an issue and given how Wonder Woman is packaged, you won’t know until you open her. Her left hand is covered in silver paint; a little sand paper will get rid of it in a pinch so try to check before buying.

As a two-pack, the value of this one really depends on if you grabbed the last Superman vs. Bizarro set. If you didn’t, this is a fantastic set with both figures being great representations. Once you toss in a Batman, you’ve already gotten the Trinity too! But given that it’s Mattel, I wouldn’t be surprised if both these figures show up again soon in more packs.

Written by jestergoblin

June 20th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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