DC Universe Action League Review: Kilowog vs. Zilius Zox

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After the reveal that Wonder Woman wasn’t some shrunken down figure, Mattel has absolutely blown me away with the second Green Lantern themed two-pack in the third wave of DC Universe Action League.

Kilowog is transporting Sinestro to Korugar when he is brutally ambushed by Zilius Zox!

Kilowog is the trainer of new Green Lantern recruits and looks like a cross between a walrus and pig. In the comics, he’s always been portrayed as being a massive alien and this toy shows off his bulk in full.

Nearly three inches tall and three inches wide, Kilowog is a gargantuan figure. He isn’t quite Chemo or Gorilla Grodd sized, but he’s as close as you can get while still being a “small” figure. I really like how variable in size these figures are too.

Wearing a traditional Green Lantern uniform (which makes sense, since they’re uniforms), Kilowog looks mighty. His massive hands are clenched in fists the size of most figures’ torsos and his chest is massive.

Kilowog’s head is a separate piece that has been glued in place, making me think we’ll be seeing this sculpt reused in the future as a different Lantern. His walrus-pig head looks great with beady little black and red eyes and his tusk-mandibles jutting out of his mouth. Articulation is a tad limited with cut joints at the shoulders and waist.

Battling Kilowog is Zilius Zox – a flesh colored tennis ball with limbs that somehow got a red power ring! Quite possibly the same species as the Green Lantern Galius Zed, Zox looks downright weird as a toy but there’s no mistaking the fact that he’s an alien.

The sculpt on the head/torso is amazing since all the elements are sculpted. The cracked skin, the sunken yellow and black eyes, even the amazing fanged mouth shows absurd depth with his tongue hidden in there! He looks like a Pac-Man from hell.

Zox’s limbs are small and spindly with three digits on each. His only articulation is at the shoulders, but his sense of balance is a bit tipsy with him easily tumbling over.

The paint is mostly good with the face being impeccable. But his suit is a mixed bag. The large Red Lantern emblem on his forehead looks good, but his cranium seems to have black smudges on it and a chunk near his arm isn’t even painted!

I have no idea if these two ever fought, but I don’t really care. Just like how Low is a great alien toy, both of these are fantastic figures. Kilowog is truly massive and Zilius Zox is just weird enough to work. Now if only Mattel will release an Agent Orange figure.

Written by jestergoblin

June 21st, 2011 at 12:00 am

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