DC Universe Action League Review: Batman vs. Deathstroke

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Mattel must be ecstatic about the Batman Inc. story line. They finally have an excuse to make a bunch of Batman figures with minor changes and call them new characters. Just like how Hal Jordan keeps coming back in different colors, I expect to see a bunch of Batmen running around.

Deathstroke may be the perfect soldier, but he is no match for Batman’s martial arts prowess.

Batman marks the third repaint in this wave, but this one is right up there with Blue-Green Hal as one that actually makes sense. With Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson running around Gotham dressed up like Batman, having two Batman figures actually makes sense – especially since they wear different costumes. While these may not match up perfectly, I’m fine saying the blue and gray is Grayson while this one is Bruce.

Batman is in his Troika suit – better known as his Tim Burton suit which is all black except for the yellow logo and belt. It’s a repaint we’ve gotten before, but this sculpt is still fantastic. The look is stylized in a cartoony way that works great.

Articulation is phenomenal for a figure this size with Batman having a cut neck and waist and ball jointed shoulders. The paint is good with glossy black being used on the cape, cowl, gloves and boots. The yellow looks good but have some coverage issues, along with his upper lip. The silver Batarang looks fine.

Facing off against Batman is Slade Wilson – Deathstroke the Terminator! One of the inspirations for Deadpool, Deathstroke had a rough time as a villain in the 80s since he regularly battled the Teen Titans. So you end up with an older guy who regularly punched children. He also happens to have the exact same color scheme as Taskmaster. Even weirder – both were designed by George Perez.

Anyway, as a mercenary who uses 90% of his brain, Deathstroke is able to win almost any combat but I’m guessing that means he’s like Cyclops and Captain America, they’re just instinctively good at math. As a figure, this is the bulkiest Deathstroke has looked ever. His large barrel chest, while fitting in with the style of the line, seems a bit too big.

The sculpt though is amazing with scales detailed in his armor, an assortment of belts and straps with overlapping designs, it all looks unique. I love the little touches like the folded over flaps on his boots. In his right hand he’s holding a broadsword while his power staff is permanently attached to his back.

Deathstroke’s most unique feature though is his masked face. Split down the middle, the right half is solid blue while the left is orange with a while eye. Given that Deathstroke is missing an eye, it gives him a much different look. While you wouldn’t know it by looking at him either, Deathstroke is actually showing some major age.

Articulation is the standard four points with all of them being cut at the neck, shoulders and waist. His staff and sword get in the way occasionally and can really throw off the figure’s balance – he’s way too top heavy. The paint is impeccable though. The navy blues, metallic blue with silver and brown belts all look perfect. Sure, the design is surprisingly colorful for a villain but it works.

For years, Deathstroke was kind of a joke in the comic world since he regularly got beaten by Robin and friends, but recently writers have been working on making him a threat. He’s basically the evil version of Batman now and this pack makes for a great pairing.

DC Universe Wave 3
Superman & Wonder Woman
Batman & Deathstroke
Split Hal Jordan & Saint Walker
Killowag & Zilius Zox

Written by jestergoblin

June 22nd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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