LEGO Harry Potter Review: Battle at Hogwarts #4867

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LEGO can try to sugar coat this set as much as they’d like by calling it “Hogwarts” but there is no denying that this is more than a simple gate and towers: this is the final battle of Hogwarts. And I’ve got to review now, because after Thursday I’m going to be an absolute mess and probably won’t be able to even look at this set without bawling for weeks.

Hogwarts castle is a place of magic and mystery. Explore the castle to discover your favorite moments from the Harry Potter films including the Room of Requirement, Professor Lupin’s office, the Astronomy Tower, the Divination Room and the Mirror of Erised.

With seven minifigures included, this set provides a solid assortment of figures for the final showdown at Hogwarts. Harry Potter is included as always in a not-accurate-at-all outfit of his school uniform. It’s a figure that’s been seen a handful of times and nothing is new. The paint is still excellent, the head is still double sided with one side stern and the other smiling. His wand is a simple brown rod.

Gregory Goyle is in his school uniform, proudly emblazoned with the Slytherin crest and green and silver tie. It looks great. His face doesn’t strike me as particularly Goyle-ly, but works well with a grimace on his face.

What is kind of weird is that Goyle now is very similar to Crabbe from the older sets, making me think LEGO planned this set before the announcement was made that Crabbe wasn’t returning for the final two movies. Still, he’s a fine student thug and you can tell he’s evil because he has a black wand.

The true savior of Hogwarts though is Neville Longbottom. Long overshadowed by his fellow Gryffindors, Neville really came into his own during the seventh book as he began leading Dumbledore’s Army. Becoming a rebel to avenger his insane parents tortured at the wand of Bellatrix Lestrange, Neville is a great character. Or maybe I’m biased after meeting Matthew Lewis.

As a minifigure, Neville is dressed casually. Black pants and a gray sweater with an intricate pattern on it all look very Neville-ish. I love how the paint looks almost 8-bit on his torso, while his blue button down shirt can be seen underneath. Neville’s head is double sided allowing you to choose between the buck-tooth goof ball (who looks a lot like Marcus Flint oddly enough) or the stern and serious figure with a hint of a smile. Neville’s hair is the regular brown parted piece. His wand is brown.

Since the battle of Hogwarts involves the teachers too, a present professor and past one are included. Professor Sprout gets her first LEGO figure in this set wearing her tan, earthy robes that are all too fitting for an Herbology Professor. The brown design on the robes look like roots, while a mistletoe brooch hangs around her neck so while she may be near identical to Professor McGonagall, she couldn’t look anymore different.

Sprout’s face is smiling with some wrinkles to show her age. Her head is topped off with a large, tan hat and she’s clutching a brown wand as well. Sadly, no mandrakes were included in this set for her to toss.

Former Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Remus Lupin, is also included! An active member of the Order of the Phoenix, Lupin looks surprisingly well dressed in his simple tan suit. It isn’t frayed or patched, but manages to look well pressed and maintained. It’s an odd look for the vagabond werewolf.

The face is scruffy with a not-quite filled in beard. Still, a kind smile is hidden beneath some nasty looking scars – probably a gift from Greyback. Lupin’s hair looks like it belongs to a Weasley given that it’s the same shade. Sadly, Lupin doesn’t come with a werewolf transformation to battle Greyback, but thankfully there are some other LEGO figures to fill that void. Lupin does come with a brown wand.

Two more agents of the Dark Lord are included to raid the school. Lucius Malfoy is back because he can’t stay away (or LEGO decided one Death Eater was good enough). With some many long haired versions of Draco’s father running around, I’m fine just calling this figure a Death Eater. It could be Nott or either of the Carrows with ease. Just like Harry though, this is a figure we’ve seen several times before.

The Death Eater looks good with a black cloak and hood, while the torso is well dressed in fine robes with an entwined snake motif. If you just want the figure to be Lucius, you can turn the head and put on the odd, pale hair piece. Another black wand is included for the figure.

The final agent of the Dark Lord is a single Dementor. Identical to the two included with Hogwarts Castle, this figure is a dark gray skeleton with a special leg-tail piece to stand on. The face is dual sided, one side mostly blank while the other shows an open mouth to suck in a soul. A tattered cloak covers most of the body while a hood masks the head.

The actual build of this set is a fantastic addition to Hogwarts. The bridge is fairly simple with it simply being the standard tan bricks and sand green accents. It looks good, but nothing at Hogwarts is as it seems.

With a turn of the knob in the back, the surface of the bridge falls apart in what looks like a mess of flames. Maybe it’s Fiendfyre or maybe Professor Sprout knows a lot more than herbology. Either way, it’s a great action feature that is very well hidden.

The first tower continues the theme of LEGO cramming as much stuff as they can into the set. The top floor is the Divination classroom equipped with a crystal ball and a pair of mugs for seeing what can be read from the dregs. Next down shows off a stone globe in an open corridor, it reminds me of the astronomy tower.

Below it looks like a Gryffindor bedroom with bunk beds decked out in gold and maroon, but it’s actually the Room of Requirement during Neville’s campaign to defend the school. It is a genius idea. The ground floor is a dungeon with a very, very low ceiling. A single green snake slithers around, probably Nagini – giving Neville his moment of triumph.

The other tower crams in even more stuff to the set! The top floor shows the new hiding place for the Mirror of Erised. It’s a simple build that makes genius use of hinges to display. Below it is the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom or maybe what used to be Lupin’s office. A chalkboard shows off some arcane scribbles, while a desk with a potion, inkwell and skull looks outdoors. A broom is included for sweeping and flying.

The ground level is the most bare with the description calling it more of the Room of Requirement. It’s an open space with two wizard portraits hanging on the columns. Beneath it is another dungeon but it is empty this time around.

Just like Hogwarts Castle, this set is entire modular allowing for the towers to connect in different places, but how the set really shines is that it’s designed to be attached to the existing Hogwarts Castle set! In many ways, it’s just an expansion to make a bigger and better castle and that’s a genius move by LEGO. I just wish they would release more sets that are compatible.

As a stand alone set though, this is just begging for some tiny additions. I love that Neville is included, but not giving him Gryffindor’s Sword just seems mean. Same with Lupin, what’s the point of getting him as just a human instead of also as a werewolf? Or getting Professor Sprout without any plants? And sure, Harry shouldn’t be in his uniform but all of these things aren’t enough for me to dislike this set. It’s big, it’s bold and a near perfect addition to LEGO Hogwarts.

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