Super Mario Party 6-Figure Set Review

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For all his swagger and fame, Mario seems to be oddly absent in the toy world. There have been a few figures here and there, but nothing super popular. But after stumbling across some miniature Mario figures at Toys “R” Us one day, I knew I had to pick up the set and see what they were about. So I checked online and discovered how ungodly expensive these little chunks of plastic are!

Now, as a purveyor of little chunks of plastic, I think I’m getting pretty good at determining if something is a value or not. But when companies start charging $6 for a single figure that feels like it should come out of a vending machine, I know something has gone very, very wrong in the collector world.

Sold in a set of six figures, these little toys encompass a good portion of the Mario universe in tiny plastic. Like most people in my generation, I grew up jumping around as a little Italian plumber and besides a few awesome McDonald’s toys years and years ago, I never got any Mario toys, so for me this is a chance to redeem that unfortunate situation.

Standing just under two inches, Super Mario is an unarticulated little figure with an absolutely massive noggin. The proportions look mostly right with the beer belly but the nose looks a touch too large. The large head causes some balance issues as well.

The paint is glossy and looks cheaply done with awful coverage on the whole figure. The eyes look too small for the sockets and the hair fluctuates between flesh tone and brown. The gloves and overalls are wonky too with misaligned breaks. The toy looks like Mario from a distance but as soon as you look at the details, he falls apart.

And I mean that literally, Mario’s nose feels like it could break off at the slightest breeze. Even weirder is that his nose is painted with matte paint instead of glossy, giving him a sickened look.

Luigi fares about as well as his brother. Taller and lankier, the proportions look fine and the colors are great – from a distance. Just like Mario, Luigi’s paint begins to look worse upon inspection. The glossy paint doesn’t have adequate coverage behind the ears, so they look filthy.

Luigi’s nose suffers the same fate as Mario’s but even weirder is the stance of this figure. Luigi is standing only on his right foot – his left one hovers just above the ground.

The majestic steed of the Mario Brothers is here too – Yoshi! The green dinosaur did a fine job making the transition into a toy except for one major flaw: he can’t stand up. Posed like he’s in mid-jump, Yoshi literally can’t be balanced to stand. He just topples over making him hard to use as a toy and even worse as a display piece.

The paint is amateurish at best with slopping lines around the saddle and eyes. The spines on his back are messy, but the boots are mostly good. At least Yoshi’s nose isn’t painted differently.

Since the Mario Brothers would be nothing without a princess to rescue, this set includes the original Princess Peach Toadstool! Wearing her classic pink and red dress with a golden brooch, she looks very accurate. She stands just under two and half inches tall allowing her to tower over Mario. The sculpt is serviceable but her hair piece seems to have set a little too high on her head making her look like she’s wearing a wig. Sadly, the plastic used feels very fragile so I don’t want to risk resetting it like I did with Marvel Girl.

Her paint is the best of the figures, but that’s not saying much. The eyes are perfectly done though, while her crown looks a touch off. Her earrings are just globs of paint thrown at the side of her head and for some reason she has red eyebrows.

To serve Peach is the ever faithful Toad! Just slightly shorter than Mario, Toad looks pretty accurate with his vaguely Middle Eastern garb of a vest with a large mushroom turban. The sculpt reminds me a bit of a snowman, but like Mario this figure is seriously top heavy and near impossible to balance right.

The paint on the toadstool head is perfect, but the trim on his vest and shoulders looks awful. There’s spillage everywhere. At least this set includes all four characters from Super Mario Brothers 2.

The final figure is Mario’s original nemesis – Donkey Kong! Just over two and half inches tall, DK has a decent sculpt with his bright red tie and gorilla complexion. Posed with one arm up in the air and one on his chest, DK looks like he’s thumping his chest in victory – maybe after chucking a barrel or two.

Sadly, the figure is partially ruined by poor paint. The glossy brown paint is so think, the details of the fur get lost. His red tie rubbed off on his stomach leaving what looks like an open wound. But worst are the eyes that are just too overdone and goopy.

The only reason I got this set of figures was because they were free with a larger purchase. As freebies, they’re still a disappointing assortment. For a huge fan of Mario, these could be enjoyed from a distance but the awful paint applications and shoddy design of many of the figures makes me think these figures should be living in a vending machine somewhere. Instead, this set is supposed to sell for $20 by Master Replicas but can often be found for under $10. But even at that price, they are downright stealing from you.

Do not buy these toys, do not track this set down. There are better Mario figures out there, I swear.

Written by jestergoblin

June 23rd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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