Nintendo Super Mario Figures Review: Series 1

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The only reason I got the Mario Party 6-pack of figures was because they were included for free when I picked up the other Super Mario figure sets. Thankfully, these second ones are much better.

Produced by Global Holdings Inc, this six-pack provides some of the classic Mario characters in just the right scale that they fit in perfectly with lines like the Super Hero Squad and Action League for all of those absurd crossovers. Normally, the figures are released in a large windowed box but mine came loose so I don’t know much about the packaging other than these toys shouldn’t stay in it!

Mario is back and posed mid-jump with his left foot still on the ground. The sculpt looks great with the potbelly the bright eyes and the quirky costume elements. To support Mario, he’s permanently attached to a small black disk the size of a penny which is unobtrusive and balances the figure perfectly. The figure stands two and a half inches tall.

It’s a good thing the pose works because all of these figures are unarticulated. The paint isn’t flawless with some issues around the mustache and his white gloves look a bit dirty. But this is a near perfect representation of Mario.

Luigi is another must include and this version of the green second stringer is standing tall and gesturing to the side. While he stands the same height as Mario, he isn’t jumping so the proportions are kept right. The sculpt is great though.

The paint has some issues yet again around the mustache and back of Luigi’s head. The covered isn’t quite right – like someone painted him with too large of a brush.

The last revised character is the dinosaur Yoshi! This time, he can actually stand! But while Mario and Luigi have personality in their poses, Yoshi is just kind of standing there looking dead inside. With both arms to the side clenched in fists and a blank stare on his face, it looks like he’s actively trying to ignore something he’s looking directly at. Even weirder is that he’s sculpted without a mouth!

The paint is decent yet again with some bleeding on his belly and less than stellar coverage on his spines. Also disappointing is that his saddle-shell thing doesn’t look fully inserted and sticks out a bit more than it should.

To battle these three heroes, Bowser has sent three of his classic minions! The most classic is the Paragoomba! The classic Mario foe with a pair of wings attached to it, Paragoomba looks absolutely perfect. While the goomba is only an inch tall, the wings bring him up half an inch. To help balance, a black stand like Mario’s is attached to keep him from toppling over.

Unlike the heroes, the goomba’s paint is perfect. The dark brown shades work well together, making it look like a shitake mushroom while the glossy wings and big eyes keep the iconic appearance perfectly intact.

Another classic enemy is the walking windup Bomb-omb! Forever staring out of their vacant eyes as they explode on anyone who opposes them, it’s hard to beat this little figure. Standing only an inch to the base of the fuse, it’s an adorable explosive.

The paint is simple and well done with the orange legs, the large white eyes and the brass windup key on the back. I would love a few more of these little guys for a Bomb-omb army!

The final piece is Bullet Bill. The massive piece of ammo the size of a man and oddly given arms and eyes, this piece looks good. Sadly, the version I got doesn’t come with the display stand so he kind of rolls around aimlessly.

The paint is decent but the gray at the base of the arms resembles goopy glue while the white eyes could have used another pass through on coverage. The back of the bullet is painted orange and yellow for blasting off.

This pack originally retailed for $20-$25 depending on the store. They’re solid figures from a sculpting standpoint but based on reviews by parents they are not durable at all. It makes me think that the 7 and up age listing is for show. Still, at $20 a pack they’re very hard to recommend except as the occasional novelty gift for a Mario fan. If you can find the pack for half that price, they aren’t bad at all. It’s just a shame that stores charge $6 a pop for these figures as singles making it impossible to build an army for Bowser.

Written by jestergoblin

June 30th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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