Nintendo Super Mario Figures Review: Series 2

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With the first wave of the Super Mario figures actually being decent desk decorations, I figured the second wave would just be more of the same. And I was right.

Just like the first wave, this six pack contains all of the figures from the second wave in a single box set. And just like that wave, it includes Mario, Luigi, an ally and three enemies making for a decent balance of figures.

Mario is an odd figure. The actual design isn’t bad but there’s something very unsettling about the Italian plumber just having that blank stare on his face with his hands at his sides. It reminds me of the Possum in Fantastic Mr. Fox. He’s just staring with his arms at his side. In the six-inch figure, it works because that one can actually move. But this one can’t.

The paint is far from perfect with a lot of slop around Mario’s mustache. His overalls and shirt are muddled as well. The eyes though look perfect – provided they were going for a glassy, soulless look.

Luigi has returned with a more dynamic pose. It looks like he’s about to kick a goomba or Shy Guy in the head. His arms are outstretched and his left leg is up off the ground. The sculpt looks good, but this figure feels like he was designed to be a keychain and not a toy. Much like Yoshi, Luigi has difficulty standing up.

The dime-sized black disk attached to Luigi’s right foot helps somewhat but it isn’t centered so he topples over at the slightest nudge. The paint is better than Mario’s but not perfect with issues around the mustache again.

The Mario Brothers would be nothing without a Princess to rescue. Instead of including Peach again, this pack includes Luigi’s princess – Daisy! Originally from the Gameboy game Super Mario Land, Daisy has become better known as Mario expanded his interest into various sports.

Daisy is wearing a yellow dress very similar to Princess Peach’s with some minor overlapping fabrics. It’s a simple look but accurate. A flower brooch rests upon her chest while her gloves only go to her wrist. Standing with her hands on her hips, Daisy looks a bit vacant like she’s lost in thought. Her crown looks good and the eyes are well painted but her earrings creep me out because they look like extra eyeballs. Maybe they’re referencing her mythical third eye?

On the side of Bowser, a veritable army has arrived to overthrow the Mushroom Kingdom. A single Koopa Troopa with green boots and a green shell is included. He looks good but probably too friendly for an enemy. Though given the Mario RPG games, he might not be a baddy after all.

The Koopa Troopa got warped with his legs pointing inwards. When combined with his hunched stance and being very top heavy thanks to his massive head, the Koopa Troopa has major stability issues – even worse than Luigi!

Flying high in the sky is a single Lakitu! Riding in a smiling cloud, this turtle is very similar to the Koopa but manages to look a lot better. The cloud base looks great with the simple black eyes and smile sculpted in. Oddly, it has a black stand which seems completely unnecessary.

The Lakitu looks good with one hand upright and the other clutching to the cloud for support. His face is smiling and to create the goggles look, plastic wire was attached to his face. Sadly, mine cracked leaving him with what looks like broken glasses. Still, it’s one of the few times that I’ve seen glasses work on a figure this small! I’m still not over Baroness.

The final figure is the best though – Shy Guy! Originally from Super Mario Bros. 2, Shy Guys have become more and more common. Standing just under an inch and a half tall, this figure looks perfect! The white mask with black eyes looks perfect with the strap around the back of the head. The figure’s body is simple and fairly featureless, just like it should be!

The paint is great too with the white, blue, yellow and red all being cleanly applied without overlapping anywhere. He’s easily as good as the Bob-omb in the first wave. I would love a few more of these little guys, but I don’t see that happening.

As a six-pack, this originally retailed for $20 which is a bit too high for my liking given that all these figures are unarticulated. Like last time, the villains just look better for some reason. Maybe because they aren’t trying to be humans? If you’re a fan of Mario, either of these two packs work great and if you can get the pair of them for under $25, then they’re worth it for a Mario fan. Now if Bowser would finally get released!


Written by jestergoblin

July 5th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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