Nano Minis Review: Robosapien & Roboraptor

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It seems like every company is jumping onto the mini-scale that Hasbro made popular with their Heroes lines. Playmates toyed around with both TMNT and Shrek, Disney released their own heroes, Mattel has their Action League and Buddy Packs while Mezco debut their B.P.R.D. Buddies. But even some companies you don’t think of as selling toys joined the fray.

Wowwee Robotics is best known for the Robosapien and Roboraptor that debuted ages ago. But for some reason, they also decided to release small figures in their Nano Mini lines that puts them perfectly in scale with all the other toys.

I was working at Toys “R” Us when the first Robosapien debuted. They were interesting toys but the $100 price tag kept people away. Plus there was nothing more unsettling than being able to finagle a Robosapien into holding its own controller. The mini version of Robosapien is slightly stylized with the bigger head and all. There’s no mistaking that this is a robot with his claw hands and inhumanly possible design.

The face tries to be anthropomorphic with two large red eyes and a puckering mouth. The hair-helmet combo works well kind of reminding me of Mega Man. The paint is fairly basic and passable with the figure just being black and white. The red eyes look a bit too dull too.

Articulation is at the neck and shoulders. But the shoulders are at an angle so Robosapien can either have them down at his side or pointing straight out. It’s a nice little variation from the standard cut joints most of these figures have. Oddly, there is a joint for waist articulation but a small rubber tab connects the spine to the waist, rendering it immobile!

The other figure is Roboraptor! A mechanical dinosaur that looks far more like a Tyrannosaurus Rex than a Veliociraptor, but I guess the name “Roborex” was already taken. Posed in slightly a more dynamic way, Roboraptor is perpetually stuck looking to the left. The overall look of the figure is neat with an interesting cross between skeletal dinosaur and iPod like smoothness – especially the “bones” on the back and tail.

The tiny arms are stuck in place, while the two massive legs don’t allow for many options besides standing straight up, resting the head on the ground and standing with the tail on the ground. The paint is simple with just some grays and blacks for details while the eyes are bright blue. Red eyes would have worked a lot better here for making the dinosaur look mean.

Articulation is okay. The legs are cut joints and don’t do much, while the neck rotates at the base. I would have preferred a hinge joint there so Roboraptor could actually look both ways without having his head be upside down.

For toys that are just toys, these aren’t bad at all. Both figures easily fit in with any of the Heroes-scale. Need some droids for Luke to repair – they work great. Looking to mix it up in Doom’s Castle or the Danger Room? Another fantastic way to add generic villains! These guys won’t ever take the main stage, but work great for supporting roles across the multiverse.

Written by jestergoblin

July 6th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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