Marvel Legends Masterworks Review: Fantastic Four #1

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As an avid collector of the Super Hero Squad, I’ve come to accept that certain figures will probably never get made. Of course, I never imagined getting a toy line for little kids containing Iron Patriot, Thanos, and Ronan the Accuser. But occasionally, figures from other lines fit in well and you’ve just got to grab them.

During Toybiz’s final hurrah with the Marvel license, they released an ungodly amount of product in a manner of months. Wave after wave with multipacks galore, they even introduced a new sub-line to Marvel Legends: Masterworks. While it only lasted two waves, four classic Marvel covers were created in a cheap, rotocast form that was kind of like a low end staction-figure like NECA released for He-Man.

During the world of clearance sales, I stumbled upon the Fantastic Four #1 cover and knew it would work well in the Super Hero Squad (just not quite as good as MutieJoe’s custom one). Originally the figure was covered with five miniature figures of the Fantastic Four and its master, Mole Man. But I grabbed a pair of scissors and got to work cutting them off so I was only left with Giganto, the Mole Monster!

Towering above at 8 inches, Giganto is a rotocast figure with only two points of articulation: the shoulders. With a hide that looks like a cross between mud and scales, Giganto looks great. The large claws look like they could crush the Thing while the head is like a twisted version of Bart Simpson with sunken red eyes.

A large base keeps the figure in place (and I wasn’t able to pry him off it). Near the bottom, remains of the Thing and Mr. Fantastic can still be seen. But a little paint or a sharper blade could easily get those removed.

With this “toy” originally intended as being a qausi-statue, it’s hard to talk about it the same way. The simple fact that there is arm articulation really makes the simple figure work much better as a toy since such a large, lumbering figure doesn’t need to do much besides crush and stomp. If you can find this guy now for cheap, he’s worth grabbing either as part of the Super Hero Squad or Marvel Universe lines as a great monster. You just need to do some work to get him to that point.


Written by jestergoblin

July 18th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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