B.P.R.D. Buddies Review: Prince Nuada & Mr. Wink

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Sometimes you just get lucky when browsing the clearance section at Toys “R” Us. More often than not, you just end up seeing the same stuff that’s been there time and time again, ignored and picked over. But every now and then, you find that diamond in the rough and that’s exactly how I felt when I discovered this B.P.R.D. Buddies two-pack for just over $2 (it was marked down even further at the register)!

The B.P.R.D. Buddies were Mezco’s blatant attempt to cash in on the success of the Hasbro Heroes by offering their own line based off Hellboy II. Phenomenal sculpting and paint made for excellent figures, but the price tag of almost $10 a pair made them a hard sell. One thing worth saying is the packaging makes sense because the figures actually take up most of it for once!

It’s been ages since I last watched Hellboy II: The Golden Army but discovering this pack will probably be enough for me to go back and rewatch it. Prince Nuada was angry about something and wanted to invade the world above – that’s the gist of it I remember. Basically, he’s an awesome ninja elf for Hellboy to pound into oblivion. The sculpt on Prince Nuada is easily one of the best I have seen at this scale. His face is cartoony and stylized, but still manages to look menacing, even with his long, flowing alabaster blonde hair. But his garb is astoundingly detailed.

It’s like Storm Shadow but better, which I wasn’t sure was even possible! The black gi shows off some armor on the chest and billows out around the waist. The tabi and greaves on the feet look stunning giving the figure a strong eastern influence. In his right hand is a dagger that is actually the most disappointing aspect of the figure. It really should be more ornate.

Articulation isn’t as plentiful as I would hope, but it’s better than the other Hellboy figures. Prince Nuaba moves at the shoulders and wrists. The absence of a waist and neck means he can’t do much else than stand there and look ready to battle.

The paint has surprisingly depth. The black armor is giving a charcoal wash to bring out the details, while the red sash is glossy to give the illusion of silk. The medal brooch looks like real gold but what most amazes me is that the hair and skin are different colors too! Also, Mezco went as far as painting the fingernails on this figure!

The other figure is Prince Nuada’s enforcer – Mr. Wink! A giant troll-like figure, Mr. Wink is massive. Two and a half inches tall and three inches across, Mr. Wink dwarfs Hellboy. But what’s even more impressive is just how detailed the sculpt is. The entire figure is covered in textured skin with small nicks. His simple outfit is little more than some leather around the waist, ankles and left wrist but that’s all this walrus-troll needs.

Mr. Wink’s face shows how he got his name – since his left eye is missing! The beard-tusks and muttonchops look great too. But the best sculpting has to be on his right hand of not quite doom.

Massive and little more than some chunks of metal attached to a medicine ball, the overall look is stunning. It’s covered in little dings and dents and definitely gives the impression that Mr. Wink and Hellboy are cut from the same cloth. Mr. Wink’s back is covered in either spikes or hairs or maybe both.

Articulation isn’t quite perfect but is very, very close. Cut joints are at the shoulders, wrists and neck but this figure is just begging to get a cut waist.

The paint though is some of the best I have ever seen on a toy at this scale. The tarnished metal hand looks like it is ancient bronze, while his entire hide is weathered and worn. This is how the Frost Giants should look to me and Mr. Wink does it perfectly. The leather is worn and every single hair on his back is painted meticulously!

Had I know these figures were this good when they first came out, I would have had no problems paying $9 for the pair of them. But finding them on clearance for just over $2 makes them that much better. Even if you aren’t a Hellboy fan but just like the scale and are looking for fantastical villains, these are probably the best you’re going to find. I can’t recommend these two highly enough.

Hellboy 2 B.P.R.D. Buddies
Hellboy “Red” with Big Baby & Abe Sapien
Hellboy “Red” & Johann Kraus
Prince Nuada & Mr. Wink

Written by jestergoblin

July 7th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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