Toy Review: Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League – Batman & Element Man

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I’ll be upfront, I don’t know anything about the latest Batman cartoon The Brave and the Bold but I’ve developed a weak spot for the latest craze in toys: the 2 inch hero. It started with Marvel’s Super Hero Squad and has continued into the Brave and the Bold Action League. Like their Hasbro Hero kin, Batman’s group of figures are small, limited articulation and highly stylized.

Batman and the shape changing Rex Mason the Element Man pair up to put the hammer down on vile villains.

Batman’s name is on the package, so it seems pretty obvious that he’s going to be in a lot of the packs (plus it’s Mattel, and they love Batman more than Hasbro loves Spider-Man). But this version of Batman is wielding a Batarang and a smug face. The colors are crisp and vibrant for all the blue and gray that he’s wearing.

The suit that Batman wears in the Brave and the Bold seems to draw very heavily from the Adam West Batman show in the 60s – including the blue eyebrows! His pose is one of either just about the throw or he just caught his Batarang. Batman’s got four points of articulation: waist, neck and arms.

The other figure in the pack is Rex Mason the Element Man, better known as Metamorpho but he can’t be called that as an action figure for legal reasons. He’s also one of those figures who looks completely ridiculous. His body is divided into five sections, each with a different texture and the figure represents it wonderfully. His left arm is maroon and scaled, while his right is rocky and orange. One leg is brown and muddy while the other is clunky and gray. To top it all off, he’s got a T-shaped head white head and black eyes.

The great sculpt is aided by clean paint applications, with no bleeding between his sections. Rex is also sporting four points of articulation, the same ones that Batman has. He’s bigger than Batman which may be fitting with the show, but looks a little odd to me since I think of Metamorpho as being the same size as a regular superhero, not bulkier.

The packaging is interesting and is unique to each two-pack. In this case, the backdrop is a sewer scene – it would be great with Clayface or Killer Croc but I don’t know if it relates to the episode that Metamorpho was in. But it’s nice that each set has its own look.

As my first set, the style of the figures is growing on me. I was weary at first but the line has expanded fairly well including both Batman rogues and allies. Throw in a few more of the heavy hitters like Superman and make some female characters and Mattel will have a winner on their hands. As for the style, it reminds me of Samurai Jack a little bit and that was one of my favorite shows so anything that evokes Jack gets a thumbs up in my book. Wachaa!

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December 30th, 2009 at 12:28 am

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