Pokémon Review: Pikachu

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In many ways I’ve been a Nintendo fanboy for a lot of my life. Sure, now I finally own a Wii, PS3 and Xbox360 but my time for videogames is minimal at best besides rocking out extensive on Rock Band 3. But when it comes down to my favorite video game series of all time, there’s no denying the charm of Super Smash Bros.

Getting the original game on a whim for the N64 quickly resulted in days of my life being lost smashing into other players and finally making use of the extra controllers besides rounds of GoldenEye. Then when I got a Gamecube, Super Smash Bros Melee was the first game I picked up. Of course, the game is also the entire reason I originally bought a Wii and proceeded to spend an entire spring break playing when it first game out. I don’t remember much of it besides hallucinating somewhere around the 25th hour straight mark.

While my preference is often Link in those games (or Ike because of his massive explosive sword), there’s no denying the appeal of the hell spawn demon that is the electric rat – Pikachu! So I was rather surprised when rummaging through some bins and discovering a small figure that perfectly fits in with my new Mario figures.

I don’t know where this little figure came from other than the fact that he’s stamped “Audley Tomy Made In China.” But that doesn’t matter – it’s a plastic Pikachu! Coming up to exactly an inch and a half to the tip of his ear, Pikachu looks like he’s trying his hardest to either angry nap or summon the biggest bolt of lightning he can.

Every little feature is actually sculpted in including the toes and fingers, the rosy cheeks and breaks on his ears. The tail is a separate piece that’s been glued in place and is shaped like a lightning bolt.

The paint is surprisingly well done on such a small figure that honestly looks like it could have come out of a vending machine. The yellow is vibrant without looking toy-y while a subtle airbrushing of white on the snout helps make it look more fur-like.  The red cheeks are well done but the best painting is on the back of the figure. The brown stripes are by no means perfect, but the subtle airbrushing of yellow, white and brown on the tail looks great.

Finding this figure made me think about how much I actually used to love Pokémon. Sure, I never got into the show or the card game, but the original Red and Blue games devoured chunks of my middle school years. Now I just wish I could find a Blastoise in this scale. Or anything Legend of Zelda themed.

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July 11th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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