Mini TMNT Review: Master Splinter

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Having four little Ninja Turtles is cute and all, but not having anyone else in scale with them is a bit annoying. But then FloridayBoy over at the Hasbro Heroes Forum stumbled across these little guys and gave them to me! So this review is entirely dedicated to the customizer extraordinaire FloridaBoy!

Originally released years ago in dollar stores, I never actually found any of these figures besides the turtles. I was hoping that the Mini Mutants line would fill the void but it always seemed odd to me that Splinter never got made for that line – but now I have one! Standing exactly two inches tall, this mutant rat is surprisingly well detailed for the scale.

Splinter’s robe is sleeveless and has an amazing burlap pattern on it, while the rest of the figure is sculpted with fur. His clawed hands and rodent feet look great, while his furless tail peaks out. The head is decent, but seems a touch undersized on Splinter. The bushy eyebrows and goatee look good. Articulation is at the shoulders, neck and tail. The legs barely move and the figure is difficult to stand.

The paint is passable but not great with most of the figure simply being the color those parts were cast in. The tail has a wash, while the robe’s trim is colored as well. The face though is a problem. The whiskers look like they were painted with a sharpie and the eyes look in different directions.

As a figure, this is pretty much what I’ve come to expect from Splinter toys. Under articulated, kind of boring and not much paint – but that doesn’t really matter. For fans of the Mini Mutants line, this is the closest to an in scale Splinter and while the style and scale aren’t quite right, it’s definitely good enough for a Dollar Store toy.

Written by jestergoblin

July 14th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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