LEGO Kingdoms Review: Target Practice #30062

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I love it when the LEGO store has random giveaways. Whether they’re ice cube trays or tiny sets, getting a little something extra (in addition to the VIP club points) is always fun and often a surprise. So during my most recent escape to pick up Heroica, I was given a free Kingdoms set!

Target Practice is a simple little set that honestly feels like it was cut from the LEGO Kingdoms Advent Calendar. The Lion Crossbowman is one that’s been seen multiple times. The checkered red and white tunic with the lion head still is perfectly applied on the chest. The simple colors of gray on the arms and legs give the impression of armor. The soldier’s face has a smirk and slightly raised eyebrows.

For accessories, the normal arsenal is included. The brown crossbow is simple and hasn’t changed in decades, but still looks great. The brown quiver is simple and still looks perfect. For a helmet, it’s the wide brimmed one to protect the soldier from falling arrows.

This training looks to be fairly intense given that the soldier built a small camp fire to roast some chicken. Another simple build, it’s only six pieces total but works well. A single box is included to hold two spears – though it’s possible they’re javelins and the soldier is training with those as well.

The target itself is simple, just two round pieces supported by a few bricks. It’s much like the Ninja Training Outpost. Behind it is a small apple tree that seems to be well pruned since all the apples are low hanging. There isn’t much to it, but the overall look is quite good. Plus is you want to have the soldier start firing apples off other knights’ heads, this set is ready for it!

Part of me loves how simple this set is. The soldier is a fine army builder and the set pieces help tell a story of a soldier tirelessly working on improving his shot and mastering his skills. It’s quaint and the fact that the set was free makes me love it that much more.

Written by jestergoblin

July 12th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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