Marvel Mega Bloks Cheat Sheet

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With the new Marvel Mega Bloks blind packed figures, they’ve taken a page from LEGO’s book and made figuring out which figures are which. But unlike LEGO’s near impossible to read dot system, all of the Marvel ones are clearly marked with a unique series of numbers.

The numbers are located on the back, right side of the packaging along the seal. It is pressed into the packaging so it can be difficult to read, but all that matter are the first two numbers to identify each figure – the rest are the same on all the figures.

Wave 1

A24120MM – Classic Spider-Man (common)

A25120MM – Venom (common)

A27120MM – Iron Man (common)

A26120MM – Armored Spider-Man (common)

A28120MM – War Machine (rare)

A29120MM – Black Costume Spider-Man (rare)

A03011MM – Battle Damaged Iron Man (common)

A031120MM – Green Goblin (ultra rare)


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June 4th, 2011 at 11:32 pm

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