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Iron Man Super Hero Squad Review: The Danger of the Dreadknight

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For every pack of the Super Hero Squad that is clearly made for kids, you get a pack made that seems oddly specific and targeting an entirely different demographic. The Danger of the Dreadknight is a great set but it seems like it should have come out during the early 90s back when Iron Man got his own cartoon as part of the Marvel Action Hour!

The mystical master known as Zhang Tong and the technological terror of the Dreadknight have teamed up to take the Iron Avenger down! Against the magical power of Zhang Tong, the only hope Iron Man has is the sneakiness of his stealth armor, while the power of the Dreadknight can only be matched by the high-flying might of his traditional armor!

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Iron Man Super Hero Squad Review: Iron Monger Attacks!

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No one expected Iron Man to do as well as it did. And with good reason, the recent attempts at Marvel movies had been less than stellar. The ill-received Spider-Man 3 and X3: The Last Stand meant fans of the character were apprehensive at best. Plus, Iron Man was a nobody before the movie came out. Hasbro seemed to agree with that because it took until the 3rd wave of the Iron Man Super Hero Squad to actually get something based on the movies.

Every piece of technology in the Iron Monger battle suit is stolen from Iron Man, and it looks like the armored villain wants to upgrade! He’s smashed into Tony Stark’s lab, intent on stealing the original armor. Luckily, Iron Man and War Machine are on the scene, and they’re armed and ready to blast Iron Monger into scrap!

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Written by jestergoblin

August 21st, 2010 at 12:00 am