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Iron Man 3 Super Hero Squad Review: Battle Vault

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Iron Man 3 Super Hero Squad Battle Vault

It’s sad to see how much the Super Hero Squad has dwindled. In the last two years, only a handful of three-packs have been released and the two-packs are non-existent. But when a new Marvel movie comes out, Hasbro dusts the line off for what I keep thinking is the last hurrah. With Iron Man 3 approaching, Hasbro has released two two-packs that aren’t based on that movie.

A lot has changed since Iron Man was first released. The movie was such a surprise hit that Hasbro didn’t even bother making movie-themed toys, they just made some multi-packs and then had to scramble. The Battle Vault harkens back to the first Iron Man movie and it just works – even if it is all repaints. Read the rest of this entry »

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February 19th, 2013 at 12:00 am

Iron Man Super Hero Squad Review: Iron Monger Attacks!

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No one expected Iron Man to do as well as it did. And with good reason, the recent attempts at Marvel movies had been less than stellar. The ill-received Spider-Man 3 and X3: The Last Stand meant fans of the character were apprehensive at best. Plus, Iron Man was a nobody before the movie came out. Hasbro seemed to agree with that because it took until the 3rd wave of the Iron Man Super Hero Squad to actually get something based on the movies.

Every piece of technology in the Iron Monger battle suit is stolen from Iron Man, and it looks like the armored villain wants to upgrade! He’s smashed into Tony Stark’s lab, intent on stealing the original armor. Luckily, Iron Man and War Machine are on the scene, and they’re armed and ready to blast Iron Monger into scrap!

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August 21st, 2010 at 12:00 am

Toy Review: Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad 3-pack – Armor Evolutions

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Iron Man as a toy lends himself to two great outcomes. First, he’s always changing his suit so there are always new variants of him to be released (unlike Batman who just ends up getting oddly painted normally). And Iron Man often redoes his suit in different colors, what was once silver is now gold, what was once gold can now be red. And this Iron Man Movie themed three-pack is all about the repaints.

With new threats always arising, Iron Man knows he can never rest. He works constantly on his armor, inventing new weapons, and new ways of defeating his enemies. It has evolved from a single-purpose suit designed to help him escape captivity into a powerful airborne weapon. No force on Earth can stand up long against the full force of Iron Man!

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