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Marvel Vs. Capcom Minimates TRU Wave 1 Review: Magneto vs Zero

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With the apparent end of Super Hero Squad and Action League, I’m left without many toys to review. While I love LEGO, their release schedule is only a few times a year. So thanks to some constant prodding on Twitter from the likes of Engineernerd and Luke, I have taken the full plunge into Minimates.

I have an assortment of memories of playing a Marvel fighting game on the Sega Saturn as a kid at a friend’s house, but Wikipedia tells me that isn’t possible without importing. So either I’m crazy or… well, I’m probably crazy. But the Marvel vs. Capcom series is one I would love to get involved with but after watching videos of how people play these games now, I’m petrified of even looking at them. That doesn’t stop me from buying the toys though!

Thanks of OAFE, I’ve learned Minimates fans fall into two camps: those who think Minimate designs should be almost entirely paint, and those who think it should be with sculpted elements. While I can appreciate the paint only designs, even LEGO has moved away from that style over the last few years with new parts and pieces. But this two-pack is a great way of showing how the two different styles work. Read the rest of this entry »