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Avengers Super Hero Squad Review: Secret Invasion

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With a name like Secret Invasion, it’s hard not to be impressed with Hasbro’s commitment to nods at the comics in this toy line originally intended for three year olds. But nods to the comics have been a constant trend in this line. How else do you explain getting Captain America Punisher or a Secret Wars four-pack? Read the rest of this entry »

Marvel Super Hero Squad 4-Pack Review: The Secret Invasion Begins

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As someone who got into the toy review game a little late, I always worry that someone will think I’m ripping them off. For a while, I tried to actively avoid doing Marvel reviews on Monday’s because of OAFE’s Marvel Mondays (I also try to avoid doing Transformers on Tuesdays), so yo go re if you’re reading this, I’m not trying to step on your weekly thing. But after a rather hectic weekend, I’m able to review the second unreleased Marvel Super Hero Squad 4-pack: The Secret Invasion Begins!

Shape-changing aliens have been impersonating Super Heroes for years, and now their plans come full circle as an alien army invades earth! The true heroes don’t know who to trust as the devious alien conquerors blast their way towards what looks like inevitable victory. Can Earth’s champions recover in time to beat back the alien invasion?

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