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Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: The Sand Pit Stand-Off

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The last hurrah of the Spider-Man Super Hero Squad ended up being more of a whimper than a bang. As a line, it was really all over the place. Some of the two-packs were excellent, while others were lacking. The vehicles and playset were odd but the whole line didn’t meld together as well as it could have. So that leaves the last piece of the Spider-Man Super Hero Squad puzzle: the 5-pack.

The sensational Spider-Man is locked in battle with his most dangerous enemies ever! He leaps from construction crane to bulldozer, slinging webs like never before. Meanwhile, New Goblin zooms through the sky on his sky stick, hurling pumpkin bombs, even as Venom and Sandman fight tooth and claw to be the first to land a punch on the web slinger!

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