Marvel Mega Bloks Micro Action Review: Iron Man

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After the disappointment of the Halo Mega Bloks blind bagged figures, I was reluctant to try any more of their offerings but then Engineernerd brought it to my attention that there were Marvel ones being made! Then I ended up finding a full case of them at a Wal-Mart and dived right trying to find them all.

The first wave of the Marvel Mega Bloks has a clear theme: Spider-Man and Iron Man, which makes sense since all these figures are actually just rereleases from the older sets over the last few years, so Iron Man is clearly based off his movie appearance.

Tony is wearing his Mark VI suit (since that’s the only one with a triangular arc reactor). The sculpt is decent with the body looking bulky, much like how a man in a suit would look. The little touches like the joints on the hip and knees look good and the overall appearance is similar to the Purple Spartan.

At the joints, the sculpt begins to break down since there isn’t an easy way to pack all the articulation in without affecting the sculpt. The neck is very thin and the head looks too small giving the figure a pinheaded look.

Iron Man has a good amount of articulation – about the same amount as a Minimate! The neck, shoulders and hips are all ball joints while the wrists and waist are cut and the shoulders and knees are hinged. Sadly, none of the articulation is that great. The neck barely can move up and down and the shoulder and hip design prevent limbs from moving too far. Even the knees and elbows seem limited with only 90 degrees of movement.

For accessories, Iron Man comes with two flame bursts he can hold in his hands. They look okay being translucent orange plastic, They look good as a stand-in for him shooting his repulsors but I wish they could also be plugged into his feet. The other accessory is a single 2×4 red blok which really bother me as a display stand because these figures have a 3 peg wide stance!

The paint isn’t too exciting either since most of Iron Man’s colors come from the red plastic he’s cast in. Small patches on his thighs and upper arm are the only yellow on the body besides the facemask. His eyes and arc reactor are white, but the reactor is only a little triangle painted onto his chest.

In the first wave of these figures, “secret” figures are also included (according to the website but not the packaging) – Battle Damaged Iron Man! Identical to the regular Iron Man figure, this variant is made unique by the fact that he looks like he’s been dragged under a truck for miles. Half his face, torso, right leg and both arms are scuffed up in black and silver showing off well executed paintwork. But sadly, his entire backside is left unpainted. It’s a decent variant but by no means essential.

Much like the Purple Spartan, Iron Man is a decent little figure. His colors and look are all accurate to his movie version that most kids will be familiar with and I like that he’s slightly larger than the standard LEGO figure because a guy in a giant metal suit would be bigger. Sure, I would love some more paint applications and slightly better articulation but as it stands this is a fine $2.50 figure.

Written by jestergoblin

June 7th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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