Marvel Mega Bloks Series 2 Review: Thor

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With Captain America facing off against his archnemesis and Iron Man and War Machine teaming up to take down Whiplash and an Army Drone, there is only one Avenger left who hasn’t been immortalized as a little Mega Bloks figure – Thor!

Based off his modern movie costume, Thor manages to look pretty good in this tiny scale. The chainmail armor and navy tunic covered in six circles all call back to the classic Thor look and match up well with his on-screen appearance. With large boots (that oddly have holes in the side), Thor’s colors are dark and muted in strong contrast to his old comic book look.

However Mega Bloks stills seems to be figuring out exactly how to do faces in this small scale. For every Purple Spartan who looks great, Thor ends up sharing a lot in common with Captain America in terms of the absolutely hideous face. Reminding me a bit of Beta Ray Bill, this figure does not do justice to the ruggedly handsome face of Chris Hensworth. Instead, this god of thunder is wearing a clunky helm with dead eyes staring out.

Articulation is as to be expected like the rest of these figures with Thor having ball jointed shoulders, hips and neck, hinged knees and elbows and cut wrists and waist. His neck is a bit inhibited because of the longer hair and cape, so Thor can’t look up.

Accessories include a brick of little importance and two real accessories. The red cape is bright, vibrant and made of rubber that gives it some much needed flexibility. It simply plugs into the figure’s back and works very well. The final accessory is Thor’s hammer – Mjolnir! Sadly, Mjolnir looks kind of dull with it being cast in dark gray and looking more like a hammer a smithy would use than one the God of Thunder would wield against frost giants!

While Thor’s face may be far too goofy looking, the rest of the figure manages to work surprisingly well. If you can’t wait for the LEGO Marvel line to come out next summer, this is a fine replacement. Though something as simple as a good Mjolnir or some electricity blasts would have really made this figure excel.

Written by jestergoblin

November 14th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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