LEGO DC Super Heroes Review: The Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase #6864

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It’s awkward because this set has been sitting fully assembled in my room for over six months now. It’s not that I dislike the set or dreaded reviewing it, it’s more of the simple fact that I ended up getting way too many toys after Christmas and they just kind of fell to the wayside. But with The Dark Knight Rises almost in theaters, it feels fitting to look at Batman once again.

As Batman heads toward the bank in his Batmobile, he spots Two-Face and his evil henchmen zooming off with a huge safe in tow! Help Batman put a stop to Two-Face’s wild ride and return the safe to where it belongs!

LEGO is no stranger to making sets based off the Batmobile, especially since this is the fifth time one has come out (it’s the second time it came out with Two-Face) – in fact, this set feels very similar to Two-Face’s Escape down to the figures included!

Feeling like it is at least inspired by Batman Forever, Batman returns in his solid black costume. Identical to the one with the Batwing, this Batman strongly resembles the Tim Burton take on the character (thankfully instead of the nipple-suit Val Kilmer version). The suit is solid black with a yellow belt and yellow bat insignia on his chest.

The special cape is spiked at the bottom, while the head is done with a unique helmet. Unlike say Captain America, this gives Batman a giant head. So giant that the whites of his eyes are actually a sweatband on the figure’s head! Batman can be unhappy or more unhappy depending on which side of the head you use. For a weapon, Batman comes with a batarang like always.

The big reason to get this set isn’t for Batman though, it’s for his ride! The Batmobile looks like the 1989 movie version with some extra flare added in. The sleek black vehicle only has enough space for Batman to sit in the plush, red interior. Twin bat wings trail off the back, where a flaming jet engine roars. The cockpit swings open allowing figures to easily fit inside.

Thankfully the Batmobile doesn’t include much in the way of action features. A pair of flick missiles are mounted to the back and the batwing fins are adjustable. That’s about it. For once, I really like how the yellow rims work on the tires. The total length of the Batmobile is over 9 inches!

No Batman set would be complete without a villain and this one comes with Two-Face! Unlike Batman, Two-Face is clearly inspired by Batman Forever thanks to the hideous purple and orange suit.

Most of Harvey Dent’s look comes from paint. His waist and torso are actually orange but half painted purple and manage to work fairly well. The paint is perfect with the two-toned tie. But what makes the figure really work is the head.

A skin colored head, half of Harvey’s face is painted purple and looks appropriately grotesque. The grimacing teeth, the unblinking white eye and decrepit skin all make the look really work. To tie it all together, Harvey’s hair is half a black widow’s peak and half crazy white. Sadly, both his hands are the same color. For an accessory, Two-Face comes with a circular 1×1 plate painted with a LEGO Lady Justice on it.

To follow orders two henchmen are included. Identical from the waist down, these two guys clearly got their uniforms provided for them. The purple and orange torso works well but is hilariously garish. Who makes these things? The gray legs at least add some semblance of sanity, so I figure only the jackets are custom made.

The two thugs have unique heads that are appropriately thug-like. One is wearing purple glasses and a nefarious goatee, while the other is sporting a scarred left eye and an unshaven look.

For accessories, the thugs come with matching black hats (probably allows them to do a graveyard shift with Mr. Freeze). One gets a red crowbar and the other a bundle of dynamite.

Continuing the idea that there must be some sleazy underground group that specializes in customizing clothing, bases and vehicles for bad guys, Two-Face shows up with a custom tow truck! A little smaller than the S.H.I.E.L.D. Truck, Two-Face’s vehicle keeps the trend of being absurdly colored.

Half-purple and half-orange, there’s no doubt who should be driving this thing. A handful of stickers need to be applied to make it really work, but this isn’t just your regular tow truck.

Featuring both a side mounted chain gun and rocket launcher, there is no way this is street legal. I love the chain gun design done with binoculars. The missiles are flick and fire, which I like much less. The back seat controls the crane and rotates with ease.

Had this set just been Batman in the Batmobile chasing down Two-Face and his thugs, it would be a great set (but not worth $50 by a long shot). So a final section is added in: a bank and security guard.

In what must be the worst job available in Gotham, the security guard is pretty basic. Wearing a shirt and tie with some kind of badge pinned on, he works as either a mall cop or a policeman, it doesn’t really matter. His head shows a confident smirk, probably because he knows Batman will do all his work for him. In an interesting note, the head is actually the original one used for the LEGO Bruce Wayne figure.

For accessories, the guard comes with his black guard hat, a pair of handcuffs and a radio to desperately call for him.

The final build is a small bank. A tan building, it makes great use of different bricks to give it some needed architectural design. There isn’t a whole lot to the bank though, just a door, a small computer and quite possibly the worst place to keep a safe.

The massive green safe looks great (and is filled with money). It’s located right in front of two massive windows that are in no way secure. In fact, that’s the action feature that works so well. A small switch on the side includes a clip to hook up the dynamite and it blasts out the window allow the truck to drive in the drive away with the stolen safe. It’s very well executed and doesn’t interfere with the set itself.

As an added bonus, one of the new orange LEGO separators is included as well. If you’re anything like me though, this is less of a bonus and more of “what can I build with 10 of theses?”

As a set, this one is really well done. While the inclusion of a security guard is disappointing (especially when it could have been any B or C list super villain instead like Penguin or Scarecrow), the fact that you get everything for a bank and a road battle makes it really work. It may not be as amazing as the Joker’s Fun House, but this set packs a lot of value in it.

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