Avengers Super Hero Squad Review: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

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My biggest concern with the Avengers movie was what Hasbro would do with the toys. Providing a toy company with all the big names they would possible want could have meant disaster. But instead of turning the Avengers Super Hero Squad line into a bunch of rehashes of Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor, they actually showed some restraint. In fact, if you buy all three of the 3-packs, you get the entire cast!

Stealthy martial arts master!

Black Widow is the best female Super Hero Squad figure ever created. At the time, her original figure wasn’t that bad but in comparison, well, there isn’t a comparison. This one blows it out of the water. And manages to blow every other female out too.

Wearing a black cat suit, Black Widow could have been a cakewalk or a simple repack, but instead Hasbro sculpted a stunning, brand new figure. The level of detail is truly astounding. The little touches like the holsters around her arms, the widow stingers around the wrist and the intricately detailed belt. Even touches like her zipper have been sculpted!

The head though is what really impresses me. Finally we got a figure who doesn’t suffer from a grossly oversized head (I’m look at you Jean Grey) and instead manages to actually be proportionate. Well, as proportionate as any figure in this style can be. The hair is beautifully executed and centered. In each hand, Black Widow is holding a silver gun.

Continuing the trend of being amazing, Black Widow is actually balanced! Even with the giant guns, she can stand on her own with ease. In the event that yours can, she can easily balance on the big gun for support. Black Widow moves at the shoulders.

The paint continues the near perfect and really makes me wonder what went wrong with Gwen Stacy. Her suit is charcoal while the stingers, boots and belt are black. Her belt emblem is the only flaw with a slightly not centered hourglass emblem. The face though looks amazing and reminds me a bit of Kim Possible. I honestly think it’s the lack of eyelashes. The guns are solid silver but flawlessly covered.

The original super soldier!

The Captain America movie only got two Super Hero Squad releases in the Avengers assortment which was shame since one of them wasn’t even Steve Rogers! Like the set Battle at Red Skull’s Lair, Cap is a repaint of his Ultimate costume. A figure we’ve seen multiple times, it’s amazing how well it still works.

The sculpt itself is very well done still thanks to the textured chainmail and assorted pouches around his belt. It definitely feels more like a uniform than a costume. The shield is permanently affixed. For articulation, Captain America moves at the shoulders and waist.

The paint is pretty good but not up to Black Widow standards. Cap’s colors have been muted a bit since his last release, but the applications are more of the same. The only really odd change is the removal of the stars on his shoulders which results in odd circle spaces. His pouches aren’t painted as well, but the silver on the shield looks great. He’s also got his wings on the side of his head.

Legendary lightning warrior!

The final figure is a brand new version of Thor! Like Captain America, Thor hadn’t gotten a movie version of his figure yet so the upgrade makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is how little this figure feels like Thor to me. Wearing his final battle costume from The Avengers, Thor has all the classic tropes of his costume but toned down so he doesn’t look crazy.

The sculpt on his armor is surprising intricate with scale mail arms, and overlapping metalwork on his chest. His forearms are protected with metal bracers and his large boots look sturdy. Clutched in his right hand is Mjolnir. Attached to Thor’s back is a flowing red cape which is a separate piece.

But the weirdest thing about this figure is the head. The flowing blonde hair and beard just don’t seem right. This figure feels more like Young Odin or Fandral than the God of Thunder. I don’t know what exactly the issue is, but something just isn’t clicking. In a horrible reveal, Thor is essentially unarticulated. His head may move, but the cape prevents it from doing so. At least the paint is well applied.

As a three pack, this one really came together. Combining three Avengers in a single pack is great, especially since one of the packs was bound to not have a villain. While I could argue packing Black Widow with Hawkeye and Loki with Thor would have made more sense, there’s no denying that this pack just works. While Captain America and Thor are both good figures, Black Widow is truly excellent.

Avengers Super Hero Squad 3-packs

Attack of Loki
Hawkeye, Hulk & Loki

Secret Invasion
Iron Man Mark VII, Nick Fury & Skrull

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
Captain America, Thor & Black Widow

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June 15th, 2012 at 8:00 am

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