Toy Review: Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad – Final Battle 3-Pack

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It seems like the first wave of Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad 3-packs were just released, but with the release of the movie quickly approaching, Hasbro is working hard to get these figures out to the public. But this 3-pack is the first one that really gives us a glimpse of what will be coming in the next movie.

Tony Stark is caught by a surprise attack by the crazed Russian rogue Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko! Luckily, he’s got the powerful, portable Mark V armor with him. Even with an Armor Drone under his control, Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko is no match for Iron Man!

Horribly weak antecedents aside, this set gives us a stylized look at Iron Man’s Mark V suit, better known as the briefcase suit. It seems to be a cross between the Iron Man suit from the 90s cartoon and the Silver Centurion suit, but detailed in the movie style. The design looks good and is a new unique look.

The silver mesh on the suit helps break up the dark red paint. But like the Iron Man that came out in Wave 16, this version of Iron Man has a removable helmet. The helmet looks a little too big (and seems to be frowning), while Tony’s bare head looks a little too small. At least without the helmet, Tony looks like a guy in a mechanical suit instead of a mechanical man. The head sculpt looks good, but doesn’t seem to scream “Tony Stark” to me the same way other unmasked versions have. He just looks too serious to me, and the eye shape makes him look almost Asian.

Mark V is posed almost identical to the Mark II & III suits that have been released. One hand is drawn in, while the other is palm out with his repulsor. The figure has cut arms and neck, but the head can barely rotate.

Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko appears to be one of the major villains in the upcoming Iron Man movie. While he doesn’t have a costume really, Whiplash looks like he’s wearing some homemade arc reactor. His legs are an orange prison suit with the top half tied around his waist, while torso is covered by a brown vest.

Whiplash’s whips look good. They’re long and are detailed to look like there is electricity running through them. It is braced along his arms and looks like it’s all connected. The face doesn’t really look anything like Mickey Rourke, but is different enough from Tony Stark so it doesn’t look like just a long haired Tony.

The paint is well done from the neck down, though I wish a more vibrant shade of blue had been used for the electricity details. The rest of the muted colors work well for a guy who was building the weapons with the scraps of metal he had, though all of the character’s tattoos are missing. There are two issues though with the paint on the head. First, Whiplash has blue streaks in his hair. This could either be an attempt of comic book coloring where black items were shaded blue to provide details, a different way to show that Whiplash has graying hair or it could be the light from his whips reflecting in his hair. Either way, it doesn’t really work and makes him seem like that guy who is way too old to be working at Hot Topic.

If it was a way to shade black hair, it would work except for a minor issue: he has brown hair. The packaging shows him with black hair while the figure has brown hair (thankfully the eyebrows match the beard and mustache). Whiplash has the same articulation as Iron Man, but his neck is essentially immobile from his haircut and his right whip interferes with the arm’s rotation.

The last figure in the set is the one I know the least about: the Armor Drone. A green robot with chainsaws coming out of its wrists (and missile launchers), it certainly is a unique look. The figure’s sculpt is boxy and thin, with proportions that are off just enough to give the vibe that there isn’t a human inside of this thing like with Iron Man.

Cast in a dark green plastic, the Armor Drone is a cycloptic robot with an impressive sculpt. Rivets, bolts and other mechanical designs cover the figure, while his head’s single eye provides one of the few points of color. But it makes sense that a military robot wouldn’t have the most exciting paint applications. The Armor Drone only has two points of articulation: both shoulders.

Three brand new figures in a single pack is always a plus in a line that heavily repackages and repaints figures. While Iron Man suffers from a head that is either too small or too big, I always appreciate having another suit for the armory. Whiplash is very well done and gives me hope for a Kraven figure finally coming out since Hasbro seems to have figured out how to make whips. The Armor Drone isn’t terribly exciting, but he’s a green robot with chainsaws, what’s not to like? He’s a perfect generic robot for any supervillain!

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