Toy Review: Star Wars Galactic Heroes – R2-D2 & Jawas

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In my quest to obtain all the Galactic Heroes that either look cool or are integral to the original trilogy, I was left more than disappointed by the first R2-D2 figure I got packed with Luke Skywalker. So while trying to minimize the overlap in my purchases, I grabbed the tri-pack of R2-D2 and two Jawas. Three figures for the price of two sounds like a great deal but is it really?

R2-D2 is a slightly larger version of the adorable beebooping bot. Artoo looks good and the larger scale works much better for the Heroes style where everything is small to begin with, being too small just looks weird. But to go along with his new increase in height, R2-D2 is sporting some new paint applications that really help the figure look more accurate. The blue used for his details is brighter while there are more silver applications on his chest vents. The stripes across his chest though still aren’t quite right, they look far too blurry.

Artoo’s articulation is the same. His side legs rotate while his third leg and dome aren’t articulated. If they made an R2-D2 that could rotate his head, that would be the best but for now, this is the best version of the blue bucket I’ve seen.

This “two-pack” also includes two Jawas! While most toy companies would take a Jawa and just give you one, Hasbro not only included two Jawas but they’re two different sculpts! The first Jawa is orange eyed. The figure lacks any sort of articulation, but at two for the price of one, I’ll let it slide. Orange eyes’ face is all bumpy making me think it’s his skin but I don’t really know. He’s sporting crossing straps across his chest with enough pouches to make Cable jealous.

Orange’s gun looks like a cross between a musket and a paintball gun, which looks homemade enough for a guy living on a desert planet. Height wise, the Jawa is about a head shorter than the average Hero figure but his hood makes him almost as tall as Spider-Man. The paint is simple; he’s mostly brown with some different shades of brown for details.

The other Jawa in the set is sporting a vibrant pair of yellow eyes. Slightly shorter than his friend, yellow eyes seems to be a lower ranked too since he’s only got a single belt strapped over his chest (and not nearly as many pouches). Instead of having a bare face, this Jawa has bandage all over his face.

Given that most of my experience with Star Wars comes from the LEGO Star Wars game, I’m pretty sure that this Jawa has one of the guns that is used to stun droids. In what appears to be a cross between a shotgun, proton pack and a tin can, it’s certainly a unique looking weapon that has a cable running to a large battery on his backside. Yellow eyes is also unarticulated.

For a three-pack that costs the same as a two-pack, this isn’t a bad deal at all. Sure, all three of the figures are on the smaller size but given how Iron Man 3-packs cost a few bucks more, it’s worth the sacrifice in articulation. The fact that both Jawas are unique sculpts is fantastic and this is coming from a guy who wasn’t even after Jawas in the first place.

Written by jestergoblin

March 18th, 2010 at 12:02 am

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