Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes – Indiana Jones & German Mechanic Review

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I’ve made it abundantly clear that I’m not the biggest fan of the Star Wars saga, but I have another awkward nerd confession: I’m not a big fan of Indiana Jones. Hell, I’m not even sure I’ve seen all of the originals (I know I haven’t seen the most recent one). Before you all start calling for my head, I’ve added all four to my Netflix queue. Onwards with the review!

The first wave of the Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes is based off the first film: Raiders of the Lost Ark. This one I have seen, for the record, and it is also one I remember seeing as a child. One scene I remember is Indy’s fight with the Airplane Mechanic that ends in decapitated body and far too much blood.

I would compare this sculpt of Indiana Jones to one of Han Solo, but my Han Solo figures haven’t arrived yet. This version of Indy is ready for a round of fisticuffs. With his revolver holstered and his whip looped in his belt, he’s brandishing both fists and is ready to go.

Indiana Jones may be one of the most monochromatic figures released: he’s about five different shades of brown and tans, with the exception of his golden belt buckle and the whites of his eyes. The rest of him is a dark brown jacket, lighter brown hat, boots and gloves, slightly lighter brown pants and a tan shirt.  Basically, if Zordon were looking for a Brown Power Ranger, Indy would be all set.

Indiana’s sculpt is very well done too. After so many figures of robots, superheroes, guys who look like cyborgs and a whole mess of outer space aliens, it’s nice just to see a figure that’s human. Indy’s clothes look good; his fedora looks great over his face with a serious 5-o-clock shadow. Indy moves at the neck and the shoulders.

Ever good hero has a few bad guys in his rogue gallery, and Indiana Jones is no different. The German Mechanic, because you can’t exactly sell a Nazi to children, or their parents buying the toys, is a fun bad guy if not the most exciting looking guy.

A big guy, the shirtless German Mechanic works well because he’s that giant guy that the hero can’t beat by strength alone. His fists are about twice the size of Indy’s, and his feet are too. So while the figure is the same height as Indiana Jones, he just feels bigger. From the waist down, the mechanic is just wearing massive work boots with his khakis.

What seems odd about the Nazi Mechanic is how pale the figure is. This is a guy working shirtless in Africa and he’s paler than Indiana – who is a college professor in his spare time! I love that the mechanic has blue eyes though; it really helps the figure stand out since his coloring isn’t very exciting. The mechanic moves at the waist and arms, just like Indy!

While at first glance both of these figures just seem like normal characters, it’s a refreshing change of pace. Indy is a solid figure, but there are plenty of variants of him out there so if you prefer him with a whip or a gun out, those are available too. As far as the German Mechanic, he’s just a big guy for a hero to fight but the fact that he’s also a Nazi means Captain America will find him.

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March 27th, 2010 at 12:01 am

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