Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Invisible Woman & Doctor Doom

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Marvel’s first family is held together by two things: a fantastic female and one hell of a villain to unite the group. This pack has them both, the always lovely Sue Storm and the completely diabolical Victor Von Doom!

Sue Storm is the wife of Reed Richards, better known as Mr. Fantastic! Sadly, she’s now probably best known for being played by Jessica Alba in those movies. But when she isn’t being portrayed by stunning actresses, she’s the heart of the Fantastic Four and actually has a personality. This version of Sue is in her Ultimate uniform, which is just a blue jumpsuit with navy detailing on the chest and shoulders.

In the toy world, Sue Storm has always had one big thing working against her: her power. Gifted with the power to bend light, which manifests itself in the appearance of turning herself invisible, this always was an issue. Either the toy is painted to look like herself in costume (thus being powerless) or she’s just cast in translucent plastic (making her boring to look at). Finally, the toy companies have figure out what to do: make part of the toy transparent and part of her painted! For this figure, her feet are transparent and fading upwards.

While the detailing on the figure looks good, there is one oddity about this figure: her massive cranium. While the Wasp and Elektra had normal sized heads for the style of the figures, Invisible Woman’s head is about twice the size it should be! Also like the Wasp, Invisible Woman has no articulation.

The other pack is the residential bad guy and Fantastic Four’s arch nemesis: Doctor Doom! This is the first version of the figure that has been release, and he doesn’t hold up to the next two releases. A clear victim of the designers being unsure of what to do with the character, Doom just feels too small. He’s lacking the iconic bent legs of the Heroes style, but still ends up being close to the same height of most other figures.

Doom’s armored arms are massive pieces look right, like there could be a guy inside of there. But the rest of the figure doesn’t evoke that same idea. The boots are too small, while the legs and body are way too thing. Even Doom’s head is too small; it’s smaller than Invisible Woman’s! Another odd part of his the face. The blue eyes look shocked while the mouth is shaped in an unhappy face. It makes the figure look unpleasantly surprised, not like a fearsome tyrant.

Doom’s armor looks good with an intricate sculpt but the paint doesn’t do it any favors. The tunic also looks really flat, like Doom has been standing in a vacuum. It doesn’t seem to be doing anything, just hanging there. Doom only moves at the two arms allowing him to shake his fists furiously. The whole figure just feels really flat, but that could work for Doombots.

While Sue’s head is too big, she’s a decent looking figure. Plus she’s the only version of the Invisible Woman that’s been released. As for Doom, he’s clearly outshined by his two most recent releases. The figure just feels out of place with the rest of the line but both figures are huge players in the Marvel Universe so getting them is always great.

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April 26th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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