Marvel Super Hero Squad Review – Mister Fantastic & Super Skrull

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Alright, I’m two margaritas in at this point of writing this review so I may go off on a tangent or two. Wave 3 of Super Hero Squad paired classic Fantastic Four villains with Ultimate versions of the classic team. But of all the teams to go with the Ultimate versions of, the Fantastic Four were probably the worst to pick, especially when it comes to Mister Fantastic.

In the Ultimate Universe, Reed Richards was a child prodigy who used his talents to create teleportation technology (which of course failed) and BAM! That’s how the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom were made. But there’s one major difference between Earth 616 and the Ultimate Universe: the heroes’ ages.

One of Reed’s most distinguishing features is his gray sideburns. That works great when you want a graying hero, but it doesn’t work so well when the hero is supposed to be a guy in his early 20s. Yeah, he’s a 20 year old with graying temples. No wonder he doesn’t have any self-confidence!

I’ve said before that Mister Fantastic has a superpower that’s difficult to display in toy form short of being Stretch Armstrong but that wouldn’t work for this scale. So instead of giving Reed stretchy limbs, Hasbro gave the figure a pair of massive hands. His arms are stretched out with giant hands that look to be deflecting. Reed only moves at the shoulders.

The paint on the figure isn’t bad, a blue jumpsuit with white soles and darker blue gloves and shoulders. Not terribly exciting and close enough to the classic costume to work. But the face doesn’t work. First, Reed’s skin is way too tan. This is a guy who lives in his lab, so going out into the sun is never a high priority. Second, his sideburns look absolutely atrocious. They’re messy, slopping and almost wrap around his entire head. Even the sculpt of the face doesn’t seem quite right, it’s too smug – so he’s probably a Skrull.

Speaking of Skrulls, this set pairs Mister Fantastic up with their one-time serious bad guy. When he first debuted, the Super Skrull was impressive. A single alien with all four powers of the Fantastic Four, now that sounds awesome. Until the Skrulls learned to get more than four powers and invaded the earth.

The Super Skrull is a regular Skrull with a more muscled physique. He’s in a standard issue jumpsuit that’s purple with blue gloves, boots and chest piece. Not the most visually exciting outfit but it works. But where the figure really shines is his display of all four powers.

Super Skrull’s left foot is transparent like Invisible Woman’s feet, while his left hand is out with translucent flames licking off his fingers. His right fist mimics the Thing’s rocky hide while the arm is stretched out. It’s impressive that they were able to get all those details on the figure.

But there’s one problem, while the figure looks mostly good, there are two glaring issues: his face and articulation. The Skrulls chin is all rippled and looks good but the figure is smiling. And not an “I’m going to destroy you” smile, it’s more like a “this ice cream cone is delicious” smile. It isn’t fitting at all. Another flaw is that the figure only has one point of articulation: his waist. It prevents the Super Skrull from getting any good poses beyond the generic Galactic Heroes stance.

Neither of these figures are bad but they aren’t great. Mister Fantastic’s face and sideburns look weird while the Super Skrull also has a weird smile. I don’t know how Reed could be improved short of a new head; while Super Skrull just needs a more stoic face and some arm articulation to make the most of his awesome set of powers.

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April 30th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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