Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Doc Ock & Spider-Man

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Nowadays, if you ask someone who is Spider-Man’s arch nemesis the answer is always Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin. But that wasn’t always the case. For the first few years of publication, Doc Ock was the big bad that constantly fought Spidey. When you think about, Green Goblin is one of the odd-ones-out in Spidey’s rogue gallery since he’s one of the few not based off an animal motif.

Looking back, one thing stands out as very odd about the first wave of the Spider-Man 3 Super Hero Squad figures: there is no regular Spider-Man! All the figures had something about them that made the figure feel not quite right. But this pack is one of the first regular Spider-Man figures!

The webhead is squatting and shooting webs out of both of his wrists. It’s a pose that works fine with Peter balancing on his toes while shooting out double webs. Like all of the Spider-Man figures released, Spidey is in his movie costume with raised webbing. The webbing that he’s shooting is a nice cross of multiple stands instead of looking like rope thankfully. There is one big glaring issue with the sculpt on this figure though, the shoulders. Like unmasked Spider-Man, his shoulders are absolutely gargantuan!

The paint on the figure is fine for the most part. The blues are dark and the red is slightly subdued. The painted web design on his costume matches up with the silver paint with a few minor errors. But the major oddity is the webbing come out of his wrists is also painted silver. The paint has also begun to wear off at the base and showing its white plastic. The fact that the webs look metallic just seems weird. Spider-man moves at the shoulders and waist but oddly enough, not the neck.

The villain in this pack is the bad guy from Spider-Man 2: Doctor Otto Octavious! One thing that sets Doc Ock apart from most Marvel bad guys is he’s actually a doctor. For example, Doctor Doom never finished getting his doctorate (though he probably forced Latveria University to award him several honorary ones). A tragic figure, driven mad by his metallic tentacles, Doc Ock made for a great villain in the second film but his toy isn’t as good.

Doc Ock is based off his movie appearance. The face doesn’t look anything like Alfred Molina since it seems to draw from his comic book look there. His hair is a bowl cut, while most of his smiling face is obstructed by massive sunglasses. Excluding the tentacles, there isn’t much exciting about the figure. He’s wearing a trench coat while part of the tentacle brace is visible across his abdomen. The tentacles are rather odd and don’t really look like the ones in the movie or the ones in the comics. They look like metal flowers coming off his back. Two are open flat, one is partially open and one is closed. Not terribly exciting.

The paint is mostly good. Doc Ock’s clothes are dull, drab colors in olive green, brown, gray and black. His sunglasses are painted well but his hair coverage is a little off and flesh tone is showing through. The big issue for the paint is the tentacles themselves. They’re just painted silver. In the movie, the tentacles were elaborate and intricate with yellows, blacks, grays, reds and blues but these are just silver.

The other disappointing part of the figure is his articulation. All of his tentacles are immobile and he only moves at the shoulders. No neck movement like Spider-Man and his waist is completely immobile because of his trench coat. So no classic pose of Doc Ock walking on his tentacles for you! Another issue with the tentacles is that they make the figure back heavy so he balances on his hells and trench coat, not on his feet.

This pack isn’t bad, but it could have been so much better with just a tad bit more articulation and paint. Both sculpts are well done and it does round out the last of the Spider-Man movie bad guys while giving us a regular looking Spider-Man in one of his more iconic poses. But when this figure came out, movie versions were the only options for Spider-Man characters.

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