Adventure Heroes Review: Indiana Jones with Golden Idol & Hovitos Tribal Warrior

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Part of me really wishes an Adventure Heroes pack was made that including Indiana Jones and a giant boulder. But instead of getting a chunk of rock for Indy to run from, he’s packed up with a Tribal Warrior. I guess I’ll have to go to my backyard in hopes of finding a giant rock for Indiana Jones to fight.

This pack is based on the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones swipes the Golden Idol of Fertility, only to be nearly crushed by a boulder and then being robbed by Rene Belloq and a group of Hovitos.

Indiana Jones is in his classic costume: brown jacket, tan pants and shirt and the iconic fedora. At first glance, the figure looks similar to the brawling version that came with the German Mechanic but there are a whole mess of little details to set them apart.

In his right hand, Indy is brandishing his whip while his left hand is clutching the Golden Idol of Fertility. His face has got a 5-o-clock shadow and is sporting a grin for the first time. But the big addition is when you turn the figure around: there’s a giant spider on his back! It’s a fun little detail that’s easiest enough to ignore but adds some character.

The paint is well done with most of the figure being various shades of brown, dark brown, tan, peach, chocolate, caramel, and sepia. His belt buckle and the idol are both in gold and contrast nicely. This is also the most articulated Indiana Jones with him moving at the neck, shoulders and wrists.

Packed with Indiana Jones is the “Tribal Warrior.” Much like the Germanic Mechanic who clearly isn’t a Nazi or the Cairo Swordsman who is oddly pale, this pack seems to be avoiding any sort of real world implications. When Indy escaped the temple, he was met by a group of Hovitos warriors native to the area and are completely fictional. So I don’t know why Hasbro chose to rechristen them as just generic “tribal warriors.”

The warrior looks pretty good and seems to match the idea of tribal people. More than anything, the figure reminds me of the LEGO Islander minifigures with his loin cloth, bracelets and tattoos.

Minimally clothed, the warrior only has his green loincloth, several bracelets and necklaces. His arms and face are covered in tattoos that look a lot like tiger stripes. The detail is well done and the massive spear he’s clutching has some extra details that make it look like it’s made of stone. The figure’s also sporting a fantastic bowl cut.

The articulation is decent but the arms are a little odd. The Tribal Warrior moves at the shoulders, waist and left wrist. The figures arms are going straight out then bending at the elbow. It makes for a few good poses but other times he looks like a bellhop.

The paint is decent and clean. The golden jewelry is clean and matches the idol. The fabric on the spear and loin cloth are the same color too which makes for some nice visual symmetry. The only part that is a little off is the tattoos or body paint, the lines are black while they should be white and dark green but that’s a minor nitpick.

This is a solid two-pack. Indiana Jones is clutching one of his most famous discoveries and showing off with his whip. Sure, some people may dislike the giant spider on his back but it isn’t nearly as obtrusive as it could have been. As for the generic Tribal Warrior, he isn’t bad but not the most exciting. The figure isn’t groundbreaking and a generic native is a fine toy for kids to play with, at least Hasbro got the skin tone right this time.

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May 17th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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