Hulk Super Hero Squad Review: Hulk & Skaar, Son of Hulk

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I love that when a company really wants to push something, how quickly products can get on the shelf. Skaar first debuted in January of 2008 in World War Hulk #5 and had his own Super Hero Squad figure eight months later! And Mattel claims this takes at least a year.

Planet-powered power house!

Skaar of the planet Sakaar is the son of the Hulk. When he was launched into space and became a gladiator and then a king, he got a queen and they were going to have a kid until Hulk’s adopted home world was destroyed. Of course, this managed to kill everyone except for Skaar.

Skaar is basically a smaller version of the Hulk but fireproof, can draw energy from the earth and matures absurdly fast. This is his first figure released, but he later got one in Marvel Legends. Skaar definitely looks similar to the Hulk but there are plenty of differences.

He’s dressed up like a feral caveman by wearing animal skin boots and leather and rock armor. His sword looks hand forged and he somehow got a tattoo on his right arm. He’s also got long hair because he can. He kind of looks like a prehistoric Hulk.

The paint is well done with appropriate browns, tans and off-whites. His skin is an odd shade of green that looks like it should glow in the dark, but it doesn’t. Skaar moves at the waist, neck, right shoulder and left wrist.

The giant, green gladiator!

This Hulk feels like someone found the mold and decided to use it. Hulk just looks really weird. He’s super cutesy and reminds me a lot of Fred Flintstone. Since he’s mid-transformation, he’s got the remains of his shirt (clearly labeled “BANNER”), pants and what were once shoes. Hulk moves at the left shoulder and waist.

But the face on the figure just feels all wrong. He’s just smiling like “whoops! I transformed.” This is a guy who is supposed to have anger management issues – not just some happy-go-lucky man! The whole figure just feels really childish and I know that these toys are made for kids, but that’s the only way to describe it. He just doesn’t match other figures in the line from a style standpoint. He’s also very similar to another Hulk that’s been released.

Seeing Skaar, the Son of Hulk get made into a toy just 8 months after his debut is mighty impressive since it took Reptil over a year to get made. As for Hulk, this figure is just bad. Not the worst Hulk ever, but he’s in second place for the title. So if you really like Skaar, it’s worth getting but otherwise leave it on the shelf.

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August 30th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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