Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Iron Man & Doctor Strange

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Some Super Hero Squad figures didn’t work out as well as they could have the first time around and all it takes is a little effort to take a character that wasn’t terribly exciting and turn them into something that is truly stunning. So while a pack with Iron Man and Doctor Strange may not be the most exciting sounding at first, one of these figures really takes the cake (and it’s not a lie)!

Awesome armored adventurer!

Iron Man though, isn’t that figure. By no means is this version of Iron Man bad – he’s one of the best, but based on what was seen at SDCC, he’ll be released at least three more times this year. A repack of the figure that came with the Helicarrier, Iron Man is wearing his most modern Extremis armor that inspired his movie look.

This suit clearly marks what I consider the third generation of the Super Hero Squad. The first few waves took a lot of inspiration from Galactic Heroes, down to mimicking their poses but a hint or something else was shown. The next generation went for heavily detailed figures from the comics and movies and shifted away from the static style of old. But this generation started with the Reptil and Doctor Doom pack and is continuing. These figures bear little resemblance to their past counterparts and are clearly based off the animated series’ designs.

Iron Man no longer is bending at the knees or having his arms awkwardly out to the side. Instead he’s standing straight up with one hand in a fist and the other repulsor ready and it looks good. Iron Man moves at the shoulders and neck. His paint is clean but not terribly exciting either. He’s red and yellow and everything is in the right place.

Mysterious master of magic!

Like Iron Man, Doctor Strange shows a drastic change in his style and pose from his last two figures that got released.  This version of the mystical doctor is absolutely amazing. Posed as if he is either rushing into battle or just about to take off into the sky, his sculpt is dynamic and full of motion. Doctor Strange is in his classic costume, so black leggings, billowing blue shirt and a flowing red cape. It’s all there and looks great.

This time around, Hasbro gave Strange the proper colors. His Cloak of Levitation now has gold that is matched by the Orb of Agamotto. The gold is metallic, while his shirt is glossy and his legs are matte. It’s absolutely stunning paint work that really helps the figure pop.

A major flaw on the first version of the good doctor were his hands, they were so boring. Now Strange’s left hand is in an almost Spider-Man shooting webs pose, but it looks perfect for the character as he’s about to cast a spell.  Strange’s face also got a redo and looks much better. The bushy eyebrows have been redone with his iconic crazy eyebrows and his graying sideburns blow anything Reed Richards has had out of the water.

The only flaw Strange has is a lack of articulation. He only moves at the right shoulder since his cape prevents his neck from moving at all. But the rest of him is nearly perfect.

While Iron Man isn’t the most exciting to me since I just got the same figure days ago in a different pack, he’s by no means a bad figure. I just wish he was more than a straight repack, but if you don’t have him, he’s a great addition to the armory. As for Doctor Strange, this one blows the other version away and really shows just how great this line can be.

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July 26th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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