Wolverine Super Hero Squad Review: Hunt for Mr. Sinister

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While X-Men Origins: Wolverine left me almost as angry as X-3 did, I’ve got to hand it to Hasbro for actually making toys worth getting. Following the trend set by Iron Man and the Hulk; Wolverine’s own Super Hero Squad line tried to have as little to do as possible with the movie and instead went straight to the comics for inspiration.

The evil super scientist Mr. Sinister uses mutants for his own awful purpose. It is up to the mutant trackers and soldiers Cable, X-23 and Wolverine to find Mr. Sinister, and rescue his victims before it’s too late.

Aside from mentioning X-23 and Cable, that sounds like a story that could have happened any time in the last twenty-some-odd years of X-Men comics. But this set went the opposite direction and made a very modern set of figures.

His name is on the packaging, so you better get used to a Wolverine (or four) in the Wolverine Super Hero Squad. While the figure is a repaint, X-Force Wolverine picked the best possible Wolverine to be a repaint of – the classic brown costume. When X-Force got reintroduced in 2007, it went from being a spin-off of the New Mutants to turning into the X-Men’s black ops team that did things that weren’t very nice. To get this point across, Wolverine got a new outfit.

X-Force Wolverine is sporting a snazzy looking black and gray outfit with red details. It actually looks really good. The design is clean and crisp, but his waist looks kind of weird up close since the sculpt has underoos that the paint ignores. Wolverine’s red eyes and belt buckle really stand out too. He’s even sporting arm hair! Wolverine still moves at the waist, shoulders and neck.

To go along with X-Force Wolverine, this set includes X-Force X-23! The female clone of Wolverine made by H.Y.D.R.A., X-23 is a teenage mutant made from Wolverine’s DNA that for some reason has two claws on each hand and one claw on each foot. To set her apart from other girls in the line, X-23 has an interesting attempt at a dynamic sculpt that the balance gods do not approve of. She topples and is near impossible to balance on her toes.

X-23 is wearing her X-Force uniform that matches Wolverine for color scheme but shows off her midriff and features a domino mask. It looks good, but the fact that the mask is painted on instead of sculpted makes her face look kind of squished. X-23 has no articulation.

The future son of Scott Summers and who knows which potential version of Jean Grey, Cable gets his second take in the line. Sporting his modern outfit, which has a few less pouches and straps, Cable looks drastically different from his first version. His dull yellow and blue uniform looks great, while his cyborg arm is infinitely better this time. He’s also holding a giant gun over his head which is very fitting for the character.

Cable’s hair is a bit on the anime side, but it looks pretty good. The big oddity is the lack of articulation. Cable only moves at the right shoulder, so he can hold his gun behind his head like Punisher or angle it very oddly in an attempt to fire.

The bad guy in this set is Mr. Sinister. A several hundred year old mutant that gained immortality after bargaining with Apocalypse, Sinister has spent the last century working on a way to free himself from the contract. Combined with a very unhealthy obsession with the Summers family, Sinister has been mucking about the X-Men comics for a while now.

Instead of getting the classic version of Sinister, this pack takes his modern look from Messiah Complex. Instead of having some hilarious Gen X hair style with some equally absurd beard, this version of Sinister looks more like he’s been sitting in his basement not showering while listening to emo music. From the neck down, he looks fine but the whole figure looks like the head and cape were added at the last minute.

The cape and cowl add a fair amount of height to Sinister and the more you look at it, the more unsettling it becomes once you realize just how long his neck must be. The cape is a decent attempt at making his weird strands of fabric work at this scale. Sinister moves at the shoulders only.

This is an odd four-pack. Wolverine is a great variant that shows a change in paint can go a long way, while Cable was in need of a second try. X-23 is one of those figures that Marvel seemed to be pushing hard at the time who has since faded away, and while her figure is flawed it was a decent attempt and works when the balance gods are content. Only Sinister feels odd but the figure really looks like the head and cape were changed and not the original design.

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