Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Ronin & Black Costume Spider-Man

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Some characters have multiple identities, while others are passed from one hero to another. But in rare cases, there’s a character that’s a mix of both and it doesn’t really make sense. Or Brian Michael Bendis just really likes Ronin so they keep forcing him in where ever possible.

The web-slinger means business!

In the middle of Civil War, Spider-Man switched sides and renounced his allegiance to Iron Man. In turn, Iron Man stopped providing protection to Aunt May and Mary Jane, which left everyone in an uncomfortable situation. After an attack on Aunt May was issued by the Kingpin, Peter donned his classic black and white costume for the first time in years and went out for revenge.

Black Costume Spider-Man is a repaint of his figure that first came with Doc Ock in wave 6. This time around, instead of having white details, they’ve been redone silver. It works well and isn’t too obtrusive when it comes to being a variant. Since this is a cloth version of the symbiote suit made by Black Cat, the main issue with the sculpt is moot.

Spider-Man is posed with his hands shooting webs, which is right now since the cloth suit requires him to wear his web shooters while the symbiote generated webbing organically and shot webbing out of the back of his hand. So yes, the marks on his hands don’t serve any purpose.

Sure, the entire reason Spider-Man went back to the black costume instead of the classic red and blue or the Iron Spider look was because Spider-Man 3 was just getting ready to come out in theaters. A little bit of cross promotion, but amazingly enough J. Michael Straczynski managed to write a pretty good story that had a great scene with Peter confronting Wilson Fisk in prison and beating the crap out of him.

Sword-wielding, acrobatic avenger!

Depending on which universe you prefer, Ronin could be either Maya Lopez, better known as Echo, Clint Barton when he isn’t Hawkeye or just another face of the crazy Moon Knight in the Ultimate Universe. This doesn’t really specify which one Ronin is supposed to be. Then again, he was supposed to be Daredevil but that plan fell through.

Ronin is basically a ninja with really good hand to hand combat skills. When he (or maybe she) was in the New Avengers, it was a mystery of who she actually was but Daredevil vouched for her so it was good enough for Captain America. Then when Hawkeye came back from the dead after escaping cosmic jury duty (no, I’m not kidding), he needed a new handle because a) you can’t just really come back from the dead unless you’re Jean Grey and b) the name Hawkeye had been given to Kate Bishop by Captain America to honor Clint since she was willing to stand up to Cap.

Enough history, Ronin is a ninja and the outfit shows it. Dressed mostly in black with some ornamental green and yellow trim, Ronin looks unique. Posed with weight on the right leg, Ronin looks a lot like the normal Hasbro Hero but with some extra motion that helps carry the figure. All of the trim is sculpted on and looks good. Articulation is a tad on the odd side with Ronin moving at the wrists, neck and waist but not shoulders, which is a real shame because if this figure moved like Storm Shadow, he would be incredible.

The paint is pretty good, but Ronin’s costume isn’t designed to make it easy. The yellow paint over black plastic means too little coverage looks weak while too much looks sloppy. For the most part, the coverage is solid. The silver and gold swords look good and the white eyes are appropriate impassive.

While Ronin is a relatively new character, his unique look and the fact that he’s just a ninja make him a solid toy. Spider-Man is a decent variant but not terribly exciting, but I’d rather get a variant of Spider-Man that at least makes sense than another straight repack.

Super Hero Squad Wave 10
Black Costume Spider-Man & Ronin
Spider-Man & Ultron
Skrull Soldier & Nick Fury with SHIELD Agent
Weapon X & Mystique

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October 2nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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