Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Man & Ultron

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The Avengers are a great concept on paper. You take a bunch of super powered characters, throw them together on a team and let them fight the greatest threats to the Earth. The only problem is there aren’t many threats like that and most of the time they just end up cleaning up after themselves.

Webswinging into your neighborhood!

While Spider-Man is technically an Avenger, he’s not the first guy I’d pick to pair up with Ultron. In fact, I don’t think he’s even in the top two-dozen. But Spider-Man is always showing up where he doesn’t belong in the Super Hero Squad. But it’s always great when a Spider-Man variant comes along that’s different.

A repaint of the figure that originally came with the first version of Venom, Spider-Man is redone in his comic book costume. He still only moves at the neck and the oddly large left shoulder. It’s mostly well painted, but the face seems off by a fraction of an inch that makes one eye look odd. But the different coat of paint isn’t the exciting part.

The exciting part is that instead of being trapped by the symbiote, Spider-Man is trapped in some translucent red goo! It’s a simple change but works incredibly well and completely changes the perception of the figure. It’s like Spider-Man stumbled in on Ultron and got captured by some weird trap and is waiting for the Avengers to rescue him. It’s a plot in a box and I love those.

Unstoppable android bent on destruction!

Prior to getting Ultron, the Avengers have only gotten one villain to face: Loki. Of course, there have been plenty of opportunities for in fighting each other or something that was made by one of them. Basically, 99% of the Avengers time is just fighting themselves which makes me think if they just disbanded, the whole Marvel Universe would be better off.

Ultron has had a rough time for toys. Being one of the Avenger’s biggest foes of course meant he was constantly underrepresented and the Dog Faced Marvel Legends fiasco didn’t help. Being an android, Ultron is constantly updating and upgrading himself and has had more numbers after his name than Tony Stark has suits of armor. But the main constants have always been Ultron’s unique head.

Ultron is almost a boring looking Super Hero Squad figure; he’s mono chromatic aside from his red eyes and mouth. But he is well sculpted with overlapping plates and details. One off thing though is his hands. His giant, horrendously oversized hands that are bigger than Spider-Man’s torso. These things are huge! Ultron moves at shoulders, waist and neck.

Paint is essentially non-existent. His eyes and mouth are bright red and perfectly done and that’s all he needs. It’s simple, basic but works very well.

So while the pairing doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, Ultron is a must have for any fan of the Avengers. He’s a big robot and a worthy foe, but more importantly, he’s a good toy. Throw in a few more random robots and you’ve got a great battle going.

Super Hero Squad Wave 10
Black Costume Spider-Man & Ronin
Spider-Man & Ultron
Skrull Soldier & Nick Fury with SHIELD Agent
Weapon X & Mystique

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October 4th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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