Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Cyclops & Marvel Girl

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Usually I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the Marvel Universe, but there is one exception: Jean Grey. A founding member of the X-Men who seems to have more clones than Spider-Man sometimes, Jean is an absolute mess from a continuity standpoint – especially when alternate timelines are taken into account!

Psychic super girl!

Rachel Anne Summers is the child of Scott Summers and Jean Grey in an alternate timeline that is a harsh dystopia for mutants – the same world that is (was?) Days of Future Past. Throw in some time and dimensional hopping, she ended up back in the regular continuity with the harsh realization that Cable is kind of her older brother.

While Rachel has also been known as Phoenix after bonding with the Phoenix Force, she also took her mother’s codename: Marvel Girl, making her the third one. Decked out in her outfit that first debuted in Uncanny X-Men #444, Marvel Girl’s look is clearly inspired by her mom’s first real, personal costume. Wearing green and yellow, it really just looks like a modified schoolgirl’s outfit. Long gloves, high boots with a belly shirt and a miniskirt that amazingly isn’t the most revealing X-Man costume, Marvel Girl looks unique.

The paint is only okay, with a lot of sloppy lines and odd color choices. Instead of wearing a green skirt and yellow belt, she’s now got a yellow skirt with a green stripe and a white belt that is lost far too easily. Almost every line where her skin shows is poorly done with the yellow running over the lines. To show off her telekinesis, Marvel Girl has a translucent-lavender blast coming out of her left hand. It looks okay, but not great and really throws off the figure’s stability. Marvel Girl moves at the shoulders, but balance is practically non-existent.

But balance isn’t the only issue with Marvel Girl; the figure’s head has a few problems. First up is the face, it looks far too mature for Rachel Summers but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The real issue is her hair. It’s a separate piece that is glued on and every single pack I’ve seen has had major hair issues, like misplacing it by half an inch. Thankfully, a boil and pop allowed it to be reset easily – the glue holding her hair on wasn’t even fully dry!

Leader of the X-Men!

Cyclops has gotten more than a few figures in the Super Hero Squad, ranging from his 90s Jim Lee to his Astonishing X-Men skullcap but this figure feels like it was taken right out of the comics. Based off his original costume, Cyclops is sporting a blue suit with yellow boots, gloves and undies with a red belt that first debuted in X-Men #39, but looks near identical to the suit he got in X-Men #27. And since Cyclops is such a fun and exciting guy, he wore it for the next twenty years.

Living up to his nickname “Slim,” Cyclops looks really good and appropriately skinny. His figure is a slight variant on the finger-pointing-to-head pose that he always has, but this time he’s standing straight up and has his left hand outstretched like Iron Man. Slim moves at the shoulders, waist and neck giving him an impressive range to aim.

The paint is decent, but would have really benefitted from an extra coat of yellow. Since the figure is cast in blue, it shows through the yellow gloves and boots too easily. The red and gold look great though.

This is a first for the Super Hero Squad by including a father and daughter pairing, sure they may be from different timelines but packing together a Phoenix/Marvel Girl with a Cyclops is a no-brainer. I do wish quality control had been better on Marvel Girl, but Cyclops looks absolutely fantastic.

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October 26th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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