Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Shocker & Shockproof Spider-Man

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Some super villains do it to get revenge on someone who wronged them, while others are just completely and utterly insane. But then there are characters like the Shocker who just want to commit some crimes, make some money and be on their merry way which never seems to happen. They’re often known as punching bags.

Earth shaking super villain!

Herman Schultz just wants to use his powers for personal gain. Of course, he doesn’t actually have powers and instead just makes gauntlets that are capable of vibrating air intensely. Yeah, the guy named “the Shocker” has nothing to do with electricity. Kind of like how Cyclops’s eye beams aren’t lasers. But something tells me calling the “The Vibrator” wouldn’t have worked either.

Shocker is wearing his classic costume which he designed to help offset the dangerous power of his gauntlets. But it still looks like he’s wearing a yellow quilt. He’s got his vibro-smashers in each hand along with his odd looking vest and other accessories that make me question his fashion sense. Shocker moves at the shoulders and has very skinny arms.

The paint on Shocker is odd. Instead of being the classic red and yellow, he’s yellow-orange and brown. It doesn’t really look right. Shocker’s eyes are decals and instead of being solid white and mad looking, they look downright bored. But at least Shocker can aim his fists at Spider-Man.

Shockproof web-slinger!

Growing up, Shockproof Spider-Man was one of my favorite toys released by ToyBiz for one simple reason: ball-jointed shoulders. Back when articulation was often limited to the big five with the occasional elbow and knee joint, true ball joints were few and far between. It also doesn’t hurt that the shockproof suit looks really cool.

Created in Amazing Spider-Man #425, Peter Parker designed an insulated suit for him to wear when battling Electro since the last time they fought; he ended up wrapping himself in a rubber, inflatable mattress. While the colors don’t match the comic, they do look much better and still scream Spider-Man.

With ribbed arms and legs that make him look like he’s covered in padding, along with some metal clasps on the head to ground out any electric blasts that hit him. It’s actually a smart suit and allows Peter to put that scientist brain of his to use. With one hand in the web shooting pose and the other in a fist, he’s ready to brawl. Spider-Man moves at the shoulders.

The costume is plainly painted but looks good. The bright red and dark blues contrast nicely, while the silver details and bright white eyes stand out. The spider emblem on the chest isn’t accurate (the suit didn’t have one) but I like the look of it since it’s a simplified version that goes along with the homemade feel of the suit.

There is one odd thing about this pack though, and that’s the pairing. The shockproof suit would do absolutely nothing against the Shocker except maybe give Spidey some extra padding when he gets hit. It’s a suit designed to fight electrical bad guys! While I wish Shocker had more accurate colors and solid white eyes, he isn’t a bad figure, he’s just not great. As for Spider-Man, I’m fine with getting variants of him as long as they look this good. Just maybe next time the pairing will actually make sense instead of just going by names that seem like they go together.

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October 23rd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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