Super Hero Squad Review: Ultimate Captain America & Black Widow

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One figure was oddly omitted from the Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad – Scarlett Johansson (well, and Happy Hogan too)! What made it even weirder was the fact that there was a Black Widow figure already made! A simple repaint would have made a lot more sense than some of the figures in that line.

Shield-slinging ultimate fighter!

Ultimate Captain America has shown up a few times already and there isn’t much else to say about the sculpt. If you like your Captain America without wings on his head and wearing less spandex and more Kevlar, this is the one to get. Cap still moves at the shoulders and waist allowing him to kick up and look great with his shield raised to the sky. But what does set this Ultimate Avenger apart is his slightly changed paint scheme.

This version of Captain America takes his Ultimate look but makes it a little more like his classic color scheme. He’s still sporting brown boots, gloves and belt but the rest of him is just red, white and blue. It’s all well painted and helps make him look more realistic as a hero. His “A” is centered; his eyes are bright blue too. But for some reason, Steve is sporting a serious tan that doesn’t seem to make much sense and is really noticeable when he’s with other Super Hero Squad figures.

World-class super spy!

Natalia Romanova is the best known of the three Black Widows in the Marvel Universe. Sometimes good, sometimes bad and always stunning, Black Widow debuted just 13 issues after Iron Man in Tales of Suspense #52 and has been a mainstay ever since. She now works for Nick Fury with S.H.I.E.L.D. but originally was with the KGB.

Best known for her bright red hair and fetish for skin tight black cat suits (well, except for her original look), Black Widow’s design doesn’t leave much to work with. But Hasbro did a great job on her. Unarticulated, Black Widow is wearing her modern all-black costume with a zipper going up the front, bracelets and a simple belt. Her left hand is clutching a giant hand gun.

Black Widow’s hair is flowing behind her and looks to be a separate piece so I could easily see her getting a new blonde hairpiece and becoming Yelena Belova. One thing to be aware of though is her plastic can warp in the package making balancing a challenge.

The paint isn’t too exciting, but is well executed. His venom blasting bracelets and belt are gold; her belt buckle even has a little red Black Widow hourglass emblem on it! Her zipper is even painted! There’s no mess any where on this figure, but check the faces since they can greatly fluctuate.

Captain America isn’t super exciting for someone like me who buys all these toys, but for smaller kids I see a reason to keep the Marvel mainstay on the shelves. Making him a repaint helps too but I’d love to see this figure done in the classic Marvel Universe colors. Black Widow looks great and is a fine addition to the females in this line. Her pose is unique; she looks good and really just makes me remember how much of a disappointment Baroness was in the second wave of Combat Heroes.

Super Hero Squad Wave 12
Black Widow & Ultimate Captain America
Armored Spider-Man & Rhino
Astonishing Beast & Avalanche
Tombstone & Spider-Man

Written by jestergoblin

November 1st, 2010 at 12:00 am

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