DC Universe Action League Review: The Flash & Captain Boomerang

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With only the Brave and the Bold license for the original Action League, Mattel didn’t exactly get the A-list when it came to figures besides Batman, Aquaman and Joker. I mean, when the allies of Batman included Green Arrow, Plastic Man and B’wana Beast, it doesn’t exactly make sense.

Captain Boomerang throws with pinpoint accuracy, while the Flash runs circles around his razor-edged weapons.

The Flash is easily one of DC’s most iconic characters once you get past the big three. The crimson speedster definitely has one of the most dynamic poses thanks to a clear display stand that plugs into his right foot. Barry Allen (yes, it’s Barry instead of Wally because of the wings on his boots and large eye holes) does suffer from being a touch too bulky like Sinestro. The Flash isn’t a big guy and even with his slightly smaller than most figures torso, he still looks large.

Barry Allen has little touches like his lightning bolt wrists, winged boots and ears that all look great. But his belt and chest emblem aren’t sculpted in. His face has a determined look that almost looks likes he’s smirking. With one foot on the ground, it’s a great way to show off his super speed. The Flash moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The Flash suffers in the paint category. The combination of red and yellow is tricky to pull off with plastic. While the red plastic looks great, the yellow is sloppy and under-applied. His wings show a lot of red peeking through and his wrists only look partially painted. His chest decal looks pink instead of white, but his face and eyes are perfectly done.

To face off against the Flash is one of his rogues: Captain Boomerang! An Australian who takes the boomerang motif a touch too far, at least he makes more sense then Sportsmaster.

Captain Boomerang is kneeling with a ‘rang drawn above his head. It’s about as good of a look he can have, but it’s also his only look because he doesn’t move. His sweeping jacket keeps his legs in place, his high collar legs his neck barely move so only his arms can freely rotate.

But Boomerang looks good with his black beanie and white scarf. His shins are covered with armor too which is a nice little touch. The paint is well done with his jacket being cast in blue plastic and the black gloves and pants being painted glossy. Even his shirt is flat to give the appearance of multiple fabrics.

These two are a delightful pair and getting any of the Flash’s rogues gallery makes me giddy. The inclusion of the plastic stands are great given how many of the older Action League figures had standing issues (of course none of them have holes though). By just expanding the line to other parts of DC, Mattel has really shown that they learned from their mistakes and can make some great toys.

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February 7th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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