Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Dark Surfer & Captain America

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The packaging on these has changed once again – but just for this pack! Instead of heralding the Super Hero Squad, this pack claims to be part of the Super Hero Squad Show! Though part of me just thinks that means the currently unreleased Iron Man, Invisible Woman & H.E.R.B.I.E. pack was originally planned to be in this wave.

Cosmic-powered alien menace!

In the cartoon and video game, the Dark Surfer is a corrupted version of the Herald of Galactus. Driven mad with power after obtaining both the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Sword, the Silver Surfer changed colors and became the Dark Surfer. I’ve always been a fan of corrupted versions of heroes, so getting a new one – even if it never happened in the comics is a lot of fun.

An all new sculpt, Dark Surfer resembles the wave 13 version of the figure but it’s actually all new. Clutching the Infinity Sword and brandishing the Infinity Gauntlet, this sneering alien is exactly how I imagine a herald should look. His body is limber but looks great with him outstretched on his surfboard.

Articulation is decent with Dark Surfer moving at the shoulders, right wrist and neck. All the joints are simple cut joints and he can also be removed from his board with ease. Also – he uses normal foot pegs to ride it! So ANY Super Hero Squad figure can jump on Dark Surfer’s board.

The paint is well done with the Dark Surfer getting a coat of metallic black paint that reminds me of hematite. His lime green eyes stand out and are perfectly applied. In some fantastic continuity between sets, the Infinity Gauntlet has the gems arranged in the same order as Thanos! The Infinity Sword also matches up with Doctor Doom’s figure, but the clear glow around it looks great too.

The red, white and blue super patriot!

Captain America is no stranger to the Super Hero Squad but of all the guys to pack up with a hell bent Surfer; I wouldn’t pick the guy who happens to a human with peak human capabilities. I’d probably want someone more cosmic.

Either way, Captain America is a straight repack of his high fiving figure that’s been released four other times already in two-packs, multi-packs and vehicles. It’s a solid figure with one hand clenched in a fist and his shield strapped to his back.

Cap moves at the shoulders and waist and is wearing his classic costume. The paint is a bit rough when segments of his costume meet up, but the overall look is decent.

For kids, this pack’s popularity entirely depends on if they watch the show or not. If they do, I think it will be popular with them since they know who the Dark Surfer is. Or maybe it will end up like Reptil where people just don’t care about cartoon-themed packs. For collectors, it isn’t an essential pack but if you like creative variants; Dark Surfer is a pretty cool figure.

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June 27th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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